Daniel the Tiger Birthday

This is the Daniel the Tiger Cake Jamie made for Addy’s birthday party.

Addy’s Daniel the Tiger birthday party was supposed to happen on Saturday the 21st of March. Because of the Corona Virus and Social Distancing it was cancelled. We delivered presents on Saturday morning and kept our distance. If you are familiar with the Daniel the Tiger series you might have seen the trolley that is used on the show. Our daughter in law and son created a trolley from large appliance boxes and I took a few photos of it and the Daniel the Tiger dress that Jamie sewed for Addy. A lot of planing and creating that I was happy to be able to photograph. Now my computer and our broadband service won’t let me upload those photos. I’ll add them to this post when things improve.

These photos I’m posting were the photos after our morning gift time taken by our kids. The kids took a hike down their driveway and then enjoyed Addy’s birthday cake. So happy to have them and to see what a good day of sunshine they had together as a family.

On Sunday morning we had church online and it was good.

Two quotes from our online sermon from First Baptist Church Colville this morning:

“God’s glory has to be more consuming than our comfort”

“The presence of anxiety is unavoidable but the prison of anxiety is”

Stay out of prison dear ones.

We are taking this new lifestyle one day at a time. We have all we need at home and are grateful for connections via phone and social media. Our neighbors reached out to us in a text today to make sure we were doing okay. We are the “older folk” in our 5 household community who share a well. Hope all is good in your corner of the world.

Stay safe and keep the Faith!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Daniel the Tiger Birthday

  1. This lifestyle is hard when you’re used to going to work and freely shopping when you want. But God is in charge and has a plan and so I keep praying for us all. Addys birthday cake is awesome!❤️🙏

  2. Sweet birthday girl! It’s a whole new world right now for sure! Half of our *children* are in the “vulnerable “ age group and the other two pretty darn close. We are soooo old! Youngest son said he read about how the grocery stores were opening early for seniors and said he thought how sweet …and then realized how close he himself was to 60! (He is 57]. Hang in there, you and all your families. Our oldest is in Tacoma and my sister in Seattle, so we hear news from the epicenter fairly regularly.

  3. What a fantastic birthday cake and love the expressions on Addy’s face!!
    Such a blessing to be able to go to church on line. : ) I sure do miss all the people and activities at church!
    It hit us too, that we are now the old people! : )

  4. These words, ““God’s glory has to be more consuming than our comfort”” are Truth! Thank you for sharing them with us, Ellen. That Addy! She is a happy child…thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Turning three definitely agreed with her. And your daughter-in-law did such a nice job with the Daniel the Tiger cake. We had a wee one around a few years ago whose hero was Daniel the Tiger and my husband designed and made him some wooden puzzles of Daniel and I painted them. Such fun. I will look forward to the pictures of the dress and everything that your son and daughter-in-law made to make Addy’s day special.

  5. An uplifting post. Thank you for sharing this special day with us. The cake looks wonderful and must have been delicious! I enjoyed seeing Addy’s sweet smile, lovely photos of her running down the driveway. You folk are blessed with a lot of space on your plots so that the children can play, get fresh air and exercise. God’s Truth is transforming. We’re blessed that His word goes out no matter what’s happening and pray that people will have ears to hear the message of salvation.

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