Mystery Tree 2019

On our way home from the Coast this past Monday we stopped at the Home Depot in Spokane and picked out our wrapped Mystery Tree.

Dear did the honors of cutting off the string to reveal our tree.

We were pleased with what we saw.

The lights went on and then I added all the ornaments, or most of the ornaments.

Ninety Nine percent of the decorating is done at our country bungalow. I’ll share the rest of the decor in another post. We are happy once again to continue our tradition of the Mystery Tree.

I’m relieved to report our Christmas photo collage and letter were dropped off at the post office yesterday. “Fly away little letter make the heart of someone glad” Now I need to figure out where we stand on Christmas gifts and if anything needs to be added and then there’s the wrapping to tackle.

Our Colville kids are coming over for dinner tonight and it will be fun to have them all here and give Dan a hug after not seeing him for over thirty days.

We still have some snow on the ground as you can see but a lot of it has melted.

Hope all is cozy and bright in your corner of the world. Have a wonderful weekend!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Mystery Tree 2019

  1. We usually take the whole family to the Christmas Tree Farm but this year schedules were such that we too ended up with a mystery tree. I am of the opinion that every tree once it’s decorated is beautiful and yours is quite lovely. I was pleased with mine as well.

  2. Don’t think my comment took so giving it another try.
    Such a beautiful tree.
    All our snow was all gone but we are getting more right now as I type this.

  3. Your mystery tree looked pretty nice when he took off the twine! And with the lights and decorations it’s gorgeous! Your place is beautiful. I’m a little jealous of the snow! So pretty! Have a great weekend and enjoy your family!

  4. Oh, yes, you got a great “Mystery Tree” this year! It looks beautiful! I am sure that you enjoyed your evening with your son and his family, having not seen in for so long! I know that he is glad to be home too! I finished mailing my cards today. It feels great to have that box checked!

  5. Your mystery tree looks great; it certainly filled out once freed from the wrapping. We have a humble fresh cut tree from the Island – it’s smiling brightly this evening and smells so fresh and woodsy. Have an enjoyable week as you prepare for Christmas.

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