Thanks Be to God…

I’m so thankful to God for giving us the joy of grandchildren. What fun it is to enjoy seeing them grow. Our earnest prayer is that God will call them and save them. That they will understand their need to confess their sins and be born again into God’s family. Oh how I love them…

Thank you to Laura for capturing this moment. Oh how I love you, too.

We are heading to Spokane early today for a day of shopping at our big box and other stores that we do not have in Colville. I’m hoping to find some Christmas gifts and stocking gifts. Dear needs some things for the shop that we will pick up at the Home Depot.

I haven’t had the time to share till now that I hit my first deer on Friday of last week. It was better than it could have been since the deer decided to turn and I didn’t hit her head on but grazed her on the driver’s side of my car. My brakes worked exceptionally well and my airbags did not deploy. Praise the Lord. I hit her on our road about halfway to our home. She was able to run off into the woods. I’m so thankful that my first encounter was one that ended so well. We are seriously considering some deer guards (brush and grille guards) to put on our car. You know you live in the country when you consider these accessories to your car!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Thanks Be to God…

  1. Oh, so sweet!!!

    I am sitting here with my great-nephew (my sister gets to be the grandma.) He is 3 and asleep and so sweet.

    We have deer here too. Two were in our yard the other night and hung around for a while.

  2. Sorry about the deer. We to have to be on the lookout for the deer. So many have been hit. We see them on our road whenever we leave.
    That prayer is the most important of all!! Still praying it for my two children!!

  3. Darling picture of the three of you! I have precious few photos of myself with my grands. We are not a picture taking family…well, I am, but no one else. I am sorry that you had that experience with the deer…very startling. I have come close, but so far, no contact for which I am grateful. My family is on the fence about the technology designed to prevent deer from getting up close and personal. Some have decided that deer become very curious because they had more interaction between vehicle and deer after getting the deterrents than before.

  4. Such a sweet photo of you and your babies . . . and, yes, that is the best of prayers to pray for our children and grandchildren!

    I am grateful for our Lord’s protection over you when you had the encounter with the deer!

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