Sunday Drive

On Sunday after church we decided on lunch in Chewelah at our favorite Mexican restaurant in these parts. After lunch we headed north back to Colville and decided to take a turn-off and enjoy some back roads. We turned on Addy-Gifford Rd. west with intentions of following the road to it’s end at highway 25. Some of the roads in our parts are named for their beginning and their end. Addy-Gifford starts in the little town of Addy and ends in the little town of Gifford. I suppose if you start in Gifford and head east to Addy you could call it the Gifford-Addy road. 🙂

Right along the road we came upon the Ten Commandments. When I saw the signs in the distance I was wondering if they would be Burma Shave Signs. If you’ve never heard of Burma Shave Signs google it and you’ll get lots of info and photos.  They used series of signs along the roadways to advertise.

Dear slowed down through this section so I could capture each sign. There was no traffic on this road so that worked out well.

God’s Word along the road is unexpected but enjoyed.

I wasn’t expecting to see this vista, either.

When we got to the end of the road at highway 25 we took a little detour south to see the Gifford-Inchelium ferry launch. You guessed it, the ferry will pick you up in Gifford and cross the Columbia River to Inchelium. Inchelium is located on the Colville Indian Reservation. Some time in the future we’ll take the ride across the Columbia to Inchelium.

After a pause at the ferry launch we headed north on highway 25 that runs along the Columbia river. We turned off the highway in the small town of Rice to head back east to highway 395 on Orin-Rice Road.

Instead of following Orin-Rice all the way to hwy 395 we continued onto Valley-Westside to Mantz Rickey Radio Road. And yes, there is a radio station on Mantz Rickey.

It was a very nice drive and next time we’ll continue north on highway 25 all the way to Kettle Falls. It’s good to learn the lay of the land in our neck of the woods.

Onto highway 395 we headed north stopping at the Builders Supply for some steel wool that I’m going to use on my shower doors to see if I can cut through all the calcium deposits from our well water. It’s super fine grade #0000. I’ll let you know if it works.

Quote of the day from Timothy Keller today:

God’s sense of timing will always confound ours. His grace rarely operates according to our schedule.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Drive

  1. What gorgeous countryside scenery! And I do remember those ads like the ones you mentioned…Burma Shave. In the south, it used to be the large murals painted on the side of barns that said “Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco”…lol! What a very cool thing to see… the Ten Commandments displayed like that. We are about to embark on that “finding out the lay of the land” stuff too very soon…it’s good that we have visited quite often for several years and already know a little bit about it…and GPS is wonderful thing!

    On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 12:26 PM The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b. wrote:

    > Ellen posted: ” On Sunday after church we decided on lunch in Chewelah at > our favorite Mexican restaurant in these parts. After lunch we headed north > back to Colville and decided to take a turn-off and enjoy some back roads. > We turned on Addy-Gifford Rd. east with in” >

  2. Sunday drives in your neck of the woods is lovely. That vista was gorgeous. A nice surprise to see the Ten Commandments. It’s lovely seeing a part of our country that I am not familiar with. Enjoy your week.

  3. The photos of your Sunday drive are beautiful! It’s nice to see the scenery from a different part of our country.

    Try equal parts Dawn, vinegar and water on your shower door. Let it stand for 10 minutes or so, then scrub and rinse. See if that might take care of the build up.

  4. Hi there–thanks for visiting my blog I do scroll through yours but never have much to say so I don’t. Sorry.
    We’ve been on that ferry before and there is another one there a bouts—I like them. Cool scenery

  5. You had a great drive out exploring the highways in your area. It must have been good to see God’s Word being displayed on the boards along a stretch of road. I hope you get to drive around more of your area. The mountains and the ferry across the river look inviting.

  6. Ellen – nothing beats a scenic Sunday drive, especially through new territory! It is quite common in Montana to see large signs with the Ten Commandments, but not so common to see individual signs. Before we installed our water softener, we used CLR to take the deposits off our glass shower doors. But there are probably better products out there that are more GREEN.

  7. Don’t you just love surprises like these while traveling, Ellen, I call them Gold Nuggets from my heavenly Father! DH and I take little side trips like this and find many wonderful surprises.
    Thanks for sharing, Loved this post, and the quote.

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