Thy Hope for Eternity ~ Hymn

Thy Hope For Eternity

O, what is thy hope for the future,
And what of thyself canst thou say?
Art thou coming repentant to Jesus,
Or grieving the Spirit away?
Art thou building a house that will perish,
Or one that forever will stand?
Remember the fate of the foolish man
That trusted the sinking sand.


The blood of the crucified Savior
Was shed on the cross for thee;
But what is thy hope for the future,
Thy hope for eternity?

O, what is thy hope for the future?
’Tis time thou shouldst think of thy soul,
When the moments like arrows are flying,
And the years, oh how swiftly they roll.
Art thou storing the lessons of wisdom,
So patiently taught by thy Lord?
Or carelessly treading beneath thy feet
The pearls of His precious Word?


Say, what is thy hope for the future,
And where is thy haven? O where?
Art thou nearing the harbor of glory,
Or nearing the brink of despair?
While the Savior still waits to be gracious,
Make haste, and His pardon implore;
Make haste, or the mercy that warns thee now,
Will plead with thy soul no more.


Words: Fanny Crosby

ht: Cyberhymnal ’96

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

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