Colville Rodeo Parade

We had a super weekend but I left my camera at our kids’ house in all the excitement and only have these fun photos our daughter-in-law posted on Facebook to share for now. My camera will get dropped off tomorrow.

This weekend besides being Father’s Day Weekend was the Colville Pro-West Rodeo Weekend. The parade was on Main Street. Our kids went to the parade on Saturday afternoon before coming to our place for a early Father’s Day dinner. Addy was a little concerned about all the loud noises.

She had fun collecting beads and candy from some of the floats in the parade.

It was a hot and humid day and Dear and I opted to skip the parade this year and make the final preparations for our time together Saturday evening. Just look at that sky in the photo above. It says heat and humidity to me. I am so very thankful for the heat pump we had installed in November. It is a pleasure to be cool inside when the temps get over 90 outside.

Thank you, Laura, for the great photos that you always take and share with us!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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7 thoughts on “Colville Rodeo Parade

  1. Your weather certainly goes through the extremes. The rodeo sounds fun although I can imagine the noise would be perturbing for a little one. Hope the Father’s Day meal went well. Have a lovely week. B x

  2. Hello, cute photos of your family. I am sure Addy enjoyed the parade. Your weather maybe warmer there than our weather. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week ahead!

  3. That looks like fun and I’m sure Addy enjoyed the parade. Not having your camera – does this mean we won’t see any pictures of the fabulous Father’s Day meal you prepared??? Hope you all had a lovely time.

  4. Addy looks cute with her beads. Parades are fun but can be too loud to young ones. I know you enjoyed your meal together. We will soon be installing a new HVAC system in our “new to us” home.
    All the best to you this week.

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