Summerlike, Summery…

We’ve had a week of very summerlike weather.

Can you see the sun shade dear put up for me so I could weed and not get burned to a crisp?

Now all I need are some nice knee pads.

The shade cloth was a relief to my body for the section I was working on. I need to get out in the early morning hours to weed again.

The Clematis at the end of the deck is moving up and clinging to our garden trellis. This one is a deep wine color or maroon.

Many more blooms are getting ready to show off.

The purple one and first one to bloom is continuing to show more blooms.

Way on the other side of the yard is the last to bloom Peony and it looks like it will be pink. We have 5 deep red peonies, a white one, and this pink one.

The lawns are mowed. Some weeding is done. Some weed killing is done. Watering is ongoing. We are looking forward to a Father’s Day celebration here on Saturday evening. It will be the first time our little Jaymison comes to Gramps and Baba’s house. It’s been several weeks since Addy has been here, too. She came once after Jaymison was born with her Auntie Laura.

Tomorrow is Flag Day. We’ll be flying our flags and I hope to have my red, white and blue buckets off the shelves to do some decorating at our Country Bungalow.

Happy Flag Day and Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all of you!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Summerlike, Summery…

  1. It all looks so lush and green – very pretty. I love the color of your umbrella too. Happy Flag Day to you! And enjoy your “baba” role with the grandkids!

  2. Hello, We have had a cooler spring so I am looking forward to some summer days. The clematis is so pretty, one of my favorite blooms. Wishing you a happy day and a great weekend!

  3. Bring on summer! School’s almost out and I’m ready for gardening and relaxing. You have such a beautiful space there, Ellen, with lots of green of so many different shades.

  4. Your garden is looking wonderful Ellen! I think I must have the same peonies as you. My deep red one is blooming now, then comes a very fragrant white one and then my MIL’s beautiful pink ones (white and pink still with very tight heads). Our Spring has been so slow coming and oh the weeds!!!! At least the moisture makes them easy to pull. Love the sun shade – what a great idea! Happy Fathers/Flag Day with your little loves and family. Hugs …

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