The Swallows

Birds have been very active in our back acres and we’ve enjoyed watching them fly and sit for a while, too.

We have a couple electrical wires that run the length of our back yard and birds perch there.

The colors on this bird are so pretty.

Thank you for sitting pretty little bird.

I’m pretty sure this is a Swallow and they seem to really enjoy flying and they are so fun to watch. Tree Swallow or a Violet Green Swallow?

We’ve been working hard outside and the temperatures are getting warmer everyday. We have a forecast for Saturday in the upper 80’s. We’ve started draining our pond and will have our work cut out for us to pull out the liner. It is a man made pond and the liner is huge and thick and after being covered with water it is very slimy. We rented a trash pump and two 50 foot 3″ hoses that emptied the pond at 400 gallons per minute. We stopped with a few inches left in the pond and will let that naturally evaporate. We plan to fill in the area with material we have on hand and then we will have to bring in fill dirt to finish the space off.

The pond could be pretty but that requires a lot of work that we do not have the energy for. It’s enough work for us to mow and weed and clear brush. We also are concerned about attracting too many mosquitoes or worse yet breeding them in the pond. Last but not least, I don’t want to worry about my little grands falling into the pond.

How’s your May coming?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “The Swallows

  1. Hello, pretty shots of the swallows. The first couple shots do look like the Violet-green Swallow. Yard work can fun or a pain. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  2. Beautiful shots of the Swallow. Love the colors.
    We have a pond or rather I have a pond at my house in Stanwood. We had several huge Koi in there and that kept the mosquitos down. And I love to hear the frogs in spring. It is a lot of work though to keep it looking good. It is a natural pond and even has a wonderful waterfall that then takes the water underground and comes up in the creek across the way. We have enjoyed it and the only person to fall in was me. LOL

  3. Sure is a colorful little fellow!
    May so far has been a pretty sunny month. Enjoying the weather.
    Hoping this will be the month the house sells!!!

  4. Love your photos of the bird! Soooo pretty. We have a pond (actually two) as well. They are lovely (koi in one of them, a type of goldfish in the other), but are thinking of getting rid of all the koi and then, most likely draining the larger of the two. We’ve automated some of the systems for maintening it, but still it’s becoming more of a issue keeping it running (it has filters, a waterfall, etc).
    We’ve never had a problem with our grandkids or any other kids falling in it, but I totally understand and empathize with that concern.
    Stay cool this weekend!

  5. Pretty Bird, your Swallow. That pond was sooo pretty and nice to have, too bad you can’t have some volunteers to help with it. Gardens aren’t the easiest thing to keep up either. Seattle is only 70 miles for you? I thought that you were much father away. My last two years at work I had a 75 one-way commute to my work. We had moved to the north side of Houston when Mrs. Jim retired. I reneged and waited two more years to retire.

  6. I agree. The pond must go. I read your post about JJ’s ordeal. I couldn’t quit thinking about it. God bless him! I’m glad he’s gaining.

  7. What beautiful feathers on those swallows! They glow like jewels. The pond is pretty, but you’ve got so many other wonderful aspects of nature there to look at too, and sometimes things are just too much work, especially at our age.

  8. I love seeing your beautiful birds, Ellen. I like your pond, but understand your concerns. What a lovely spot to view wildlife. It’s something about water that always calms the soul.

  9. The birds are very pretty. I think you’re wise to fill in the pond when you have little ones around and for other reasons. I’m sure you’re thankful for good weather. I’ll be warm work as the temperature rises so I hope you have opportunities to rest and take things slowly.

  10. I didn’t know swallows were so beautiful! I hear the birds chirping here as I type with the window open at nine in the evening … still warm outside! Feels like summer!

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