Four Wheeling…

On Monday Dear and I spent the day with Addy while her mommy and daddy did some shopping in Spokane. Addy loves to be outside so she convinced me to dawn my winter gear and put hers on so we could have a little drive down the driveway. This Little Tykes car worked well on the compacted snow and ice. We had fun and her mommy and daddy were able to shop unencumbered with car seats or strollers. I will admit that this Baba was pretty tired by the time we came home from nonstop play!

We had a little more snow fall on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Four Wheeling…

  1. Absolutely adorable, if you could see me smiling! If you only knew how much I enjoy seeing other grandparents enjoy making memories with their grandchildren, though most of our grands are grown, they still enjoy coming back to the farm and reminiscing over old photos and talking about the “good old days.”
    have a blessed day, and keep making those memories.~wink~

  2. What a precious picture of Addy! “Grands” do have a way of persuading their grandparents to do the fun things in life, don’t they? What precious memories you gave her, Ellen.

  3. Here I was thinking you were out four wheeling on a four-wheeler when I read your title LOL… so much fun to spend the day with your sweet Addy, it is amazing how fast she has grown! Such a blessing to give her mommy and daddy a chance to shop in Spokane together! Definitely all that non-stop play will wear you out LOL such precious memories though!

  4. So sweet! Those times with young grandchildren are precious. We get a thrill out of seeing them enjoy a new experience and moments like that create happy memories. All our grandchildren are grown up now, but we’re so thankful we were available to look after them when it was necessary. The youngest is a teenager now, but we still help out when his mother is working and enjoy his company.

  5. What a wonderful grandmother you are! I can imagine that you were pretty tired and cold by the time you went inside. But a happy granddaughter is worth all of that!

  6. I love how she tells you what to do! Somehow some of mine have been able to convince me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own!

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