Our Country Bungalow

These are a few mosaics/collages of some of the spaces in our country bungalow. The entry above and the living room off the entry area.

The view back to the entry area of our home from the living room. All the Christmas decorations are packed up now.

The view from the entry through the living room to the dining room.

The dining room.

The photo above is from November before our dining area was painted to our satisfaction.

Glimpses from the dining room into the kitchen and from the kitchen to the family room area.

We have lots of upper ledge spaces in our kitchen. We aren’t done with the painting in the kitchen area and in the future I’ll show the finished look that we’ve decided on for our kitchen space.

Here are some photos I have of more of the kitchen with our favorite visitor and Dear busy cooking Swedish Pancakes on Christmas morning.

Looking to the entry from our family room area and looking back to our family room area.

Our area between our entry and family room and our nice wide hallway to our bedrooms.

Our artwork in the photo above is also showing some reflections that aren’t a part of the original work.

Pictures51This photo above is true to the piece. The work was inspired by a small nook in the crypt of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. It was painted by a friend of ours.

Glimpses into our two guest bedrooms. These rooms along with our Master Bedroom Suite have not been painted yet. I don’t have photos from the master bedroom to share as of yet. I also have not shared the large laundry room area and our office yet. Stay tuned for those areas and then there is our oversized shop/garage that is not oversized enough for our stash. We will be building a new shop for Dear’s stuff come late spring/summer.

This is all for now on the interior of our Country Bungalow. We are settling in nicely and are thankful for God opening the doors for us to purchase this property despite our exhaustion in the process of selling our home of 20 years and trying to find a replacement 6 hours away and moving 20 years of stuff. We are thankful for being on a county road that is flat and plowed when it snows, except for the weekends. We have found out that Stevens County snowplows only work on weekdays. City of Colville works all days. We have a Colville address but are outside city limits.

Thank you Angie for hosting Mosaic Monday. Click over to join in the fun.

Our Satellite internet connection has been painfully slow for about a week now. You will probably be seeing fewer posts from me until things speed up. I do hope we get some speed soon because right now it is very painful…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

29 thoughts on “Our Country Bungalow

  1. I very much enjoyed these peeks into your new and beautiful home. You are making it your own and that is a very good thing. Addy looks very content there!

  2. Your home is beautiful. I can’t get over how wide the hallway is. I love the arches. Certain things can have me fall in love with a house instantly–built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves, French doors, window seats, and arches.

  3. Such a lovely home. Enjoyed seeing all the rooms. They are beautifully decorated. My fav room is the kitchen. The window at the back will be breathtaking in all the seasons. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Look forward to seeing your other rooms too.

  4. Ellen – as I expected, the bungalow is homey and comfortable-looking. I adore all the ledges that allow for extensive decorating with various collections, without cluttering other spaces! I know you have put away your Christmas items now, but I admire the placement of a nativity in the ledge above the front door. A bright kitchen is a must for me, and it appears that those windows will always light up that space, regardless of the weather! (And I think we have the exact same refrigerator, including the slate gray finish which doesn’t show fingerprints as much as a shiny finish does!) I am sure all of the Mosaic Monday readers appreciate this sneak peek into your new home. Have a blessed week.

  5. Oh it’s lovely and I envy your outdoor space. Nothing compares to that little munchkin running around though. Your photos make me miss our baby grandkids so much, they’re teenagers now. Enjoy every precious minute.

    • Angharad, I know these baby/toddler years will fly by and we’ll reach those scary teenage years all too soon. I’m going to leave that thought behind and enjoy the pitter patter of feet and simple delights of this stage we are in.

  6. Ellen, your new home is just beautiful and decorated so tastefully. I’d love to walk through one day and view all of the artwork on your walls. I shall look forward to future posts of the rest of it when you are ready to share. 🙂

  7. Oh Ellen, I love your new home! Already so warm and happy and perfect for you. The decorative touches are wonderful….”wisdom begins in wonder” especially made me smile …it is perfect (I’ve always loved the title of your blog). Our kitchen here at the Canal Cottage is a tiny tiny version of yours …simliar granite and floor tile and warm/light wood cabinetry.

  8. I enjoyed my quiet peek into your house and love how the sun streams into the living room area! The colors that you chose for painting make everthing look clean and welcoming!

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