Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 7

Our Pop’s story continued…

This is our Pop’s story dictated verbally by him a few years ago. I’ll be sharing excerpts every Tuesday. When I add to his story or explain a photo I will Italicize my words. Our Pop’s words will not be italicized. Our mom does not come into Pop’s story until “Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 9” even thought I’ve posted photos of her before #9. I have very few photos from our parents’ life in Russia and Persia. At the end of my Tuesday posts I’ll add links to all the other posts.

My paternal grandfather is in the gold and black shirt with his red bear waning and filling in with grey. My dear paternal grandmother is next to our Pop. Pop’s sister and her husband are on the right. This photo was taken at our home in La Mirada in the USA in the 1970’s. Red Beard, Timofey, my paternal grandfather died July 23, 1979, the year our first son was born, he was 91. Martha, my maternal grandmother died inJuly of 1986, she was 98! Our pop’s sister shown here is the last remaining member of the family alive.

About two or three hours later we came to the town of Sherevan just before sunset. Some of the townspeople came out with bread for us.  We were so thankful for their generosity. We were directed to a motel for the night.  But shortly thereafter, border guards came to the motel and took us all to the local police station in order to start the process of deporting us back to Russia.  We did not know this at the time. But then at that moment, a truck happened to arrive at the station. The driver saw us and asked, “Whose family are you?” My mom answered, “Bagdanov.”  He said, “Do you know that they are planning to send you back? But don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” He then went to the town mayor and asked, “Do you know whose family you’re sending back?  It’s Red beard’s family.” (My father had a rather prominent red beard.) The mayor immediately released us back to the motel, gave us a large room and brought us food. Later on that night my father came with a loaded truck (he was in the delivery business).  The next day he delivered his load and came back for us. We then headed for the town of Meshed where my father was living while he was waiting for us.

If you want to read the rest of the story you can search my Tuesdays With Moisi posts.

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11 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 7

    • I think in Persia a red beard stood out amongst the rest. He was known but not famous. God sent the person who could help my pop’s family stay together.

    • Rosella, I think the fact that my grandfather had a red beard in a land of black beards made him stand out and be noticed in the town. From there he was probably respected for his hard work.

  1. I am so enjoying reading about your pop’s life story, Ellen. Thank you for sharing it with us. We were visiting our son and his family in Richmond Maine recently and in that small town, there was a Russian Orthodox church just a couple of blocks over from our son’s home. I did a little research and found that at one time there were 500 Russians who lived in this small town because the people in Maine were so accepting of them when they migrated to the U.S. You can read about it here…https://www.saintalexandernevskychurch.org/ if you desire.

  2. Such a neat story! I am looking forward to the time when you can tell your grands these stories. They would love hearing about red beard from a young age already!

  3. It is incredible to me the details of your father’s story and how The Lord wove them all together, the good, the bad, and the truly heartbreaking. This would make an amazing movie!

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