First Things First…

Our little fourteen month old grandgirlie kept us on our toes during her waking hours. She is busy and on the move.

Baba had to have a little talk with her to let her know that it made me nervous when she chooses to stand on this toy instead of scooting on it.

It isn’t as easy to get good photos these days. As soon as I pull my big camera out Addy wants to investigate and try to grab the camera from me to play with. Baba and Addy spent lots of time with her building blocks and enjoyed “This Little Piggy”.

We are back home. We are still in the waiting room with our house sale and purchase of a new home. You’ll be the second to know if and when we have success on both these fronts. Can’t have one without the other, though. I’m asking God to give me more trust and peace in this waiting period.

As always on our visits to Colville I like take the current view photo from our kids’ driveway. Here’s our May 21st shot.

Soon I’ll share more photos of the Spokane river and a collage from our time at the Spokane Armed Forces Appreciation Parade that always takes place during the Lilac Festival.

Cheers! I’m getting caught up on the Royal wedding since our kids don’t have cable TV and I dvr’d it.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “First Things First…

  1. Oh, that Addy…she sure is a cutie! I know you already know that, but isn’t it fun with others agree with you? Still praying with you about those houses! I just heard Elisabeth Elliot give a quote of something that Amy Carmichael had on her wall …”Don’t worry. I hear.” What comfort there is in those four words!

  2. Hello, Little Addy is growing quickly. She is adorable, love the photos. Wishing you lots of luck with the sale and house search! Have a great day and week ahead.

  3. I would be so tired after watching little Addy play so hard! lol That’s a gorgeous picture from the driveway. God bless you as He reveals his plans for you and your home.

  4. How very wonderful that you get to spend so much time with Addy and then even more when you move.. I am wondering if you plan to downsize. I will just have to be patient and find out.. lol!

  5. I’ll join the waiting game with you soon. We are putting out house up for sale the beginning of June.

  6. Waiting is never fun, is it? Praying that you and your hubby will both feel peace in the waiting.

    A 14-month-old is a busy little person. There is so much to learn and explore at that age. I am glad that you and Addy had a little talk about standing on that toy. Grandmothers care about that sort of thing! 🙂 What a blessing that you were able to spend time with your little sweetie!

  7. She’s so very sweet, and so very busy at that age! Everything’s a new experience. The view is like a painting… beautiful. Praying all works out smoothly with the buying and selling. x K

  8. Wow, that picture is so beautiful. So you will eventually be living around there? Love all the photos of sweet Addy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. At that age, curiosity reigns supreme, even with your camera! Learning is non-stop! She’s more precious than ever!

    Hang in there with the house process … as you know well, eventually His plan will be revealed and then it will all make perfect sense!

  10. She is so cute and so smart (it shines through the photos)…. its great you got to see this generation before you head to California! Lots of family time and what could be better.

    I like the blogs new look!

    • Yes! I still have not erased it and have enjoyed watching it over with our daughter and daughter in law. I’m a huge fan of most things British. 🙂 Mostly the countryside, history, pubs, castles, quaint villages, etc. etc.

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