Weekend Roundup “S”

1. Starts with “S.”
2. A Favorite.
3. Silver.

Starts with S…

Sisters and siblings with our dear old Pop in Southern California. He turns 95 on May 25th. Left to right, youngest to oldest, Lana, Ellen b., Vera and Kathy.

2. A favorite…

Spring in my yard.

3. Silver…

A table set with my sterling silver flatware and other silver touches.

And my parting shot…

Sailboats sailing on Lake Union in Seattle last summer.

Linking up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for Weekend Roundup.

Hope all of you enjoy Mother’s Day weekend and if your mom is still alive that you have the chance to honor her in some way.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup “S”

  1. I love your fairy tale header photo!

    Also, the black and white dishes are amazing. I have seen those in a few colors, but not black until now.

  2. …nice to see the ladies in your Dad’s life around him. Our pink dogwood is out, but this far. We are quite basic in this house, no silver! Sailing looks like fun. Thanks Ellen for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  3. You can tell your dad a blogging friend said he was a HUNK for 95 yrs old…you don’t have to tell him I am 80…let him think it came from a 23 yr. old….lol….xoxo

  4. You are a wonderful and doting family! Your Spring is a wonderful and lovely view. The silver tablescape is classic and life on a lake in Summer looks so relaxing!

  5. Nice to see all those smiling faces. What a lovely photo of you all with your dad. : )
    Beautiful table setting.

  6. Lovely photos. Love the table setting. My dad turns 95 on June 25th, they are a month apart!
    Happy Birthday to your dad!!!

  7. As we decorate our new home (and host new and old friends alike) I am more interested than ever in table arrangements and the like – so I made note of your silver set-up. Simple and elegant! I hope you had a lovely day today …

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