Round Trip to Canada

On Thursday Marg hosted eight of “the girls” who live out west at her home in Canada for brunch. This event was planned because of my and Dear’s imminent move farther away from the Frasier Valley MGCC’s. The trip that now takes me a couple hours or so will take upwards of six hours in the future. We all contributed to the meal and we were not lacking for anything. I did not get photos of all the dishes we enjoyed. We missed our two Manitoba girls.

Marg’s little granddaughters helped her set the table. They said “we are the little Mennonite girls”. After we got up from the table we went outside to enjoy our sweets.

The day was beautiful and after a little while we got so warm we had to move into the shade. Besides eating we had some heart to hearts and some good laughs sharing around the circle.

A few of us were able to meet up at the #tulipsofthevalley in Chilliwack to enjoy the last few days of tulips in their glory.

We enjoyed swinging with the tulips, too.

Girls just want to have fun!

I left Canada around three and at the border crossing I was picked randomly for a full car search. Oye. I still managed to make it home by 5:30 for which I was grateful.

Hope May is starting well for you.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Round Trip to Canada

  1. Thank you for coming, Ellen! It was another wonderful day to spend together!The thought of you moving even farther, makes me sad, but I know that we will always find ways to connect still.

  2. I’m so glad you got to have this party before you moved further away! The tulips are heart-stoppingly beautiful and I especially love the pictures of the happy “swingers’ in front of that beautiful background!

  3. Ellen – thanks for your recent visits to my blog …. it looks like the zoo has some of the tulips you saw at Chilliwack!!! It warms my heart to see you ‘girls’ swinging among the tulips … we should never be too old to let our hair down!!! I am just starting to catch up on blog posts after my vacation – I hope all is well for your move process and that the house hunt is progressing!

  4. Now that looks like a very nice party. So awesome that you could go. Sorry about being stopped on the way home.

  5. A precious happy time for you! Change is difficult – even good changes – when it involves moving away from friends and family and obviously your friends are like family! Best wishes and Godspeed on your move!

  6. Hi Ellen, what a beautiful table presentation and the food must have been so good! The tulips are breathtaking and your swinging photo made me smile! Thanks for sharing, friend!

  7. I’m so happy that you were able to have this time with “the girls” before you make your move further away from them. It looks as if it was a delightful time!

  8. I am a bit sad along with you as I think about you moving so much further from your friends. Thankfully, we live in the day of communications and your connections will remain! How wonderful that you were able to have such a lovely gathering before the move!

  9. How nice to have this get together before you move! I love the “little Mennonite girls” comment. So cute. And those fields of tulips!!! One day I will get to one of those.

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