Weekend Roundup “D”

It’s just about time for Tom’s Weekend Roundup and the prompts for this week are.

1. Starts with “D”   2. A Favorite   3. Details

Starts with “D.”  

Deer or…

my Dear.

A Favorite (or Favorites)!

Daughter, Daughter-in-laws, granddaughter and…

Our son Dan who is now a daddy with our granddaughter.


Dinner table decorated. It’s all in the details.

Our table is set for a belated birthday dinner on Saturday evening. Our sons and one of our daughter-in-laws had birthdays in January but we only get to set a table for Josh since Dan and Jamie can’t travel over the mountains at this time to be included. I love the DETAILS when setting a table and seeing how things come together. Josh, Laura, Andrew, Katie, Dear and I will be sitting at this table.

Here are the details: I wanted something a little more masculine so I chose the English Transferware dishes with English scenes on them. They are Royal Stafford, made in England. Pewter seemed like a good choice to add and I was able to scrounge up 6 Pewter tankards, which are manly. Dear and I purchased two of the tankards in London in 1974. The rest of the tankards although purchased here and there over time are all made in Sheffield, England. The sterling is 1810 International, a wedding gift from my parents back when sterling was less than stainless is now. Each of the napkin rings has a story. Two matching were souvenirs from a trip to England in the 70’s. The one with my name engraved on it was a birthday gift from Dear many years ago. One is from a set of 8 sterling rings (Gorham) gifted to us as wedding gifts from Dear’s parents. Two others I found at Goodwill. The metal candle holder in the center was something I picked up at Goodwill. The little flower pot name place holders were purchased at a junk trunk show in Monroe a few years back. Pewter salt and pepper sets have been around a long time and I can’t remember where we purchased them. The napkins,  tablecloth and tablerunner all came from thrift stores. That’s probably way more details then you wanted to read.

One more thing, I hope I remember to take a photo of all of us sitting at the table enjoying the birthday meal we prepare for Josh.

Next week’s prompts.
Starts with “E.”
A Favorite

Thank you Tom for hosting.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup “D”

  1. Love your D’s. Your tablescape looks great – the details are wonderful! Happy birthdays to your dear ones – like how you celebrate!

  2. Ellen – what a lovely table setting. How thoughtful to go masculine for the birthday boy! And I love the combination of sentimental items with those you picked up at the thrift store. Maybe I am just talking to myself, but I feel better about buying some special things when I have saved elsewhere! I hope you have a spectacular gathering tomorrow.

  3. Your table looks exquisite. Not one item out of place, very pretty china. Too bad the roads weren’t good through the mountains. Several deers (oh my, deer, okay), dears, but no Deeres. I have some pretty pictures of John Deere tractors but I didn’t think of that until I was here.

  4. Of course, all of your “dears” are the best, but I also love that table! I love pewter and brown transferware, so I am drawn to the details of this setting. Enjoy your birthday celebration!

  5. Hello, you found some wonderful photos for the letter “D” . Pretty deer and a handsome shot of your hubby. The daughters photos is beautiful too. The table setting is lovely. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  6. Hello,
    I love your photos and stories for this weeks Roundup! The dishes on your elegant table, reminds me a lot of some old Johnson Brothers, Staffordshire Old Granite, that I have. My pattern is Hearts and Flowers, I still love it! Thanks for sharing these photos.

  7. Your table setting is absolutely lovely. I enjoyed your shot of the deer (and your dear!) I so rarely see deer these days – used to see them much more often when I lived down in Iowa. I guess they stay in the woods up here due to much less development.

  8. The deer are lovely animals but probably are not great conversationalists – unlike your dear 🙂 We lov waterfowl here, so your ducks are a great ‘D’ indeed!

  9. Messed up on the comment – not your ducks! The daughters of all generations are lovely and Dad looks enthralled with his daughter and your granddaughter!

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