The Art of Flora Forager

Our friend Bridget, well known as Flora Forager is an artist who uses petals and other natural elements to create her works of art.

Last Thursday evening I drove to Seward Park Audubon Center in Seattle for a book release celebration for Bridget’s second book, The Art of Flora Forager.

Our family and her family have been dear friends since 1984 when Bridget was a toddler. These are Bridget’s sisters.

The Audubon Center was the perfect venue for the book launch party. They have had her artwork on display for a while and were thrilled to host this event. Both her editor from Sasquatch Books and the directors of the Audubon Center expressed their delight that Bridget is a local Seattle artist which gave them access to her and her work.

The walls were covered with her creative foraged work.

Bridget put together her head wreath in the same way she creates her artwork.

Some of the Audubon’s taxidermy birds were part of the event.

This redbreasted sapsucker died and was found by Bridget’s sister Lucy on her property and the Audubon Center asked her to bring it in so they could preserve the body and mount it for educational purposes.

This collage is a small example of some of Bridget’s work. When Bridget is out and about in nature by herself or with her three young sons, she’ll “grab anything and everything I fancy, put it into my foraging sack, and bring it home to play around with.”

Bridget photographs her own work, too.

She and her husband call their urban cottage The Burrow because it feels like a hobbit hole. Much of my days are spent foraging for wildflowers in green areas of Seattle and playing with flowers on my kitchen table.

“Many of my Flora Forager pieces have come from my own garden, those of my dear friends, and my mother’s luscious old-world roses that she still cares for, though they now tower over her head.”

Our family is happy that Bridget has found a beautiful way to express her creativity and the world is noticing and enjoying it, too. Congratulations Flora Forager!

To see more of Bridget’s work, visit or connect with her on Instagram @flora.forager.

I’ll link up with Eileen for Saturday’s Critters.

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11 thoughts on “The Art of Flora Forager

  1. Hello, your friend Bridget is very talented. I love her artwork. I like the use of natural elements for the art. The birds are amazing. Thank you so much for linking up today, sorry if there was trouble with the linky. I am working on it. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

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