Sixty Four

On Saturday we met our kids at the Edgewater Hotel on the waterfront in Seattle for a brunch to celebrate Dear’s Sixty Fourth birthday.

I married someone younger than me. God has blessed me dearly with this man and I thank him for that many times each year. And the blessings from this marriage continued with our three children and then their three spouses and now our little granddaughter Addy May. For God’s mercy and grace we are grateful.

The views were nice all around. Our kids chose this spot because of the Beatles tune, When I’m Sixty Four.

In 1964, during their first world tour, The Beatles stayed at The Edgewater Hotel, newly completed for the World’s Fair. At the time, no other hotel in the city would accept The Beatles as guests; however The Edgewater happily welcomed them.

Beatlemania so consumed Seattle that The Edgewater had to install cyclone fencing around the hotel to keep the screaming fans at bay. Some fans even tried swimming across Elliott Bay to reach the Fab Four. After their concert, The Beatles were rushed back to the hotel in an ambulance, while taxi cabs and stand-ins were used as decoys. During their stay, the band famously fished from the window of their suite, the photo of which has become legendary.

These next photos were taken after brunch in the Edgewater Hall of Fame. On a side note The Beatles were the first group as a young teen that I was smitten with. When Dear and I were in a Christian Rock Band we toured England and our group sang on one of the first stages the Beatles performed on in Liverpool. Lots of fun memories connected with this group.

We sang the Beatles tune to Dear during our brunch and for the record,  I’ll still love him and I’ll still feed him now that he’s sixty four!

I had to share the beautiful skies we are enjoying now that the smoke has dissipated. We have beautiful views of the mountains again to the East of us and to the West of us.

And since I mentioned little Addy May I have to share the very latest photo we were just texted. She continues to steal our affections.

Now for some reason I can’t wait to take her to Disneyland, when she’s five or older! Happy Tuesday to all of you!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Sixty Four

  1. Hello, happy birthday to your hubby. I remember that Beatles song, thanks for sharing the story about the Edgewater. Wonderful family photos and Addy is adorable. So glad the smoke is gone. Enjoy your day!

  2. Well now, I was going to ask “the question” so thank you for the answer. There was no doubt in my mind. You have a beautiful family and birthday celebrations are wonderful times to honor family. Love Addy’s dress…she’s rocking it as they say.

  3. You just KNOW that song will pop into EVERYONE’S head who sees the title of this post!!! My mind went there on a dime! Your hubby is younger than mine and still looking good! Congratulations to him on reaching a “Beatles Birthday”!!!

  4. Happy 64th to your husband. Sounds like a great place to have brunch. Loved the history of the Beatles visit. They were my first pop band to love and support. Such special music. B x

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband. I remember singing that song too and thinking what a long time away it was before I was that old. Now it is come and gone. : )

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby. It is so special when family puts that extra bit of thought into a celebration. You have a lovely family, and Addy is the icing on the cake!

  7. Belated best wishes to your husband. It looks as if you had a lovely birthday celebration.
    Addy is so sweet. I’ve been interested to see how much she’s grown over the last months as I catch up with your news.

  8. What a very sweet family celebration! Those are the best! How wonderful that you got to celebrate at a place that holds special memories for you! Happy 64 Dear 🙂 And many, many more! Beautiful family you have! We are SO thankful to see sunny skies too! And rain seems to be on the schedule next week, praise God! Sweet, darling little Addy, how is she standing and trying to walk already, and teething, poor thing! Those amber necklaces really do seem to help. Hugs to you today 🙂

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