Our prayers are with all the people affected by Hurricane Harvey and the rains that continue to cause flooding in so many coastal areas in Texas. So many people are in crisis. Praying for strength for all the First Responders and all the good Samaritans that are helping out, too!

I promised to show our new closet doors and the improved inner part of my closet, too. We used to have sliding mirrored doors on these closets but are enjoying being able to throw both doors open and see the whole closet all at once. Too bad I failed to take a before photo.

I’m brave enough to share the interior of the closet since it’s nice and tidy and just got refilled this weekend.

Dear installed a new shelf and new clothes bar. We had wire shelves and bars before with a smaller shelf with little depth. It’s interesting how few dresses I own but that gives me more storage options below my blouses, tops, and sweaters.

This last week I found this swiveling organizer at Goodwill and I put my necklaces on it. I was surprised at the necklaces I had totally forgotten about while they were tucked away in drawers. I don’t wear jewelry every day but when I want to it’s nice to see all there is to choose from in one spot.

Very soon we’ll be spending a few days with this little sweetie in her neck of the woods. Her mommy and daddy sent us the cutest video of Addy trying to get a hold of a cheerio and put it in her mouth. So much growth and fun in the first year of life!

We are entering the last week of August and Labor Day Weekend is coming up already. Do you have any plans?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Hello, the new closet doors look great. My son recently put similar doors on a closet he built for us. I love the cute Addy photo. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. Your closet looks great. I still need to work on a few of mine. Love that jewelry organizer. A great find! Thank you for your prayers, sweet Ellen. We have both friends and family members near the Texas coast. They know our doors here at Storybook Cottage are open to them. The rain has stopped today but due to start up again and we are specifically praying that the levees hold.

  3. Oh how organised your closet looks. A good reminder that mine is not. Waiting for that special rainy day to sort it out. Love the necklace organiser , such a good idea. Enjoy your Addy visit :). B x

  4. Great update on your closet doors and it looks SO organized. Addy looks so happy and I’ll bet you can hardly wait to see her again. Those videos and pictures are so precious but are nothing like the real thing being there with her.

  5. I also am praying for the folks who are affected by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

    Great doors on your tidy closet! A fresh new start.

    I am sure you’re counting down the days until you see Addy again!

  6. Your house is slowly getting made over! And after having no choice but to take everything out, it must feel lso nice to have it all put back nice. The kind of things we procrastinate … like me now with my kitchen. Do I start today or don’t I? Once you start, you’re committed.

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