The Finale, at the Zoo

On Sunday we decided to have a last hoorah with our guests and 8 of us headed to the Woodland Park Zoo. It took a while to find parking spots since it seems several thousand other folk thought it was a good day for the zoo, too.

This heron wasn’t part of the zoo but was watching the penguin feeding area carefully to see if there would be any leftovers.

While walking at the zoo Josh called and made reservations for dinner in the Greenlake area of Seattle, next to the zoo.

Dukes was a great choice and we all enjoyed our choices.

At the zoo promises were made for ice cream and we convinced the 2 littles that they would enjoy the ice cream more after dinner at an ice cream parlor a few doors down from Dukes instead of the choices at the zoo.

The kids were satisfied. Josh was excited to see some dairy free choices, too. Thanks Ben and Jerry’s for making his favorite, Chunky Monkey, dairy free. This was a great way to end our time on Sunday. This was National Ice Cream Day after all.

I’ll be linking to Eileen’s Saturday’s Critters.

We are headed up to Canada on Saturday for a party, it will be groovy and we’ll catch you on the flip-side.

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17 thoughts on “The Finale, at the Zoo

  1. LOVELY way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Your family looked quite happy with their choices. Our church celebrated, too. Since folks brought a box of their fave kind, we had lots of choices as well.

    I love going to the zoo. And I think flamingos are one of my favourite sights, I was happy to see your photo of them.

    I hope your week is a great one even if it is minus some folks.

  2. Hello, the zoo is a great place for the family to visit. I love all the critters and the happy smiling faces. The ice cream looks yummy too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Super shots from the zoo. That is where I grew up–yes at the zoo. We lived practically next door and I was there everyday. Leading ponies and doing all I could as a little kid—well what they would let me do. Back when I was young there were no female zookeppers—-I had a wonderful time.

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