Farewell to April ’17

A view from my kitchen window on Saturday April 29th.

The apple tree is in full blossom and several other plants are greening up nicely and pushing forth their buds.

It’s a very green time of the year here. This is a view from the back of our home looking towards our old pear tree in the distance beyond the chain link fence.

The steps into our home from the deck.

Some of the apple blossoms close-up.

The Pink Dogwood is just now getting ready for it’s full glory with it’s pink blooms unfurling.

We’ve had a quiet weekend except for me going to a Sounders game with our daughter and son-in-law on Saturday evening. We went down early in the game and in the 2nd half at the 74th minute we were down by 3 goals to none. In the last fifteen minutes of the game we scored 3 goals to tie the game. The last few minutes were amazing. Too bad about the folks that left early thinking we would lose. Weather wise we had some dry stretches in the morning and into the afternoon the rain began as we headed to the game and after the game it was pouring as we drove home. Sunday has been a mix. The weather people are talking about the possibility of us getting up to 70 degrees this next week. We hope so!!

Linking up for Mosaic Monday with Maggie at Normandy Life.

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24 thoughts on “Farewell to April ’17

  1. That sounds like an exciting game! Your yard and the view from your window is gorgeous. The apple blossoms are so delicate. Hope you have a nice week.

  2. It’s lovely to see all these beautiful flowers. We were hoping to come up north but will be heading home after our visit with family in California. We will enjoy it on our next road trip though 🙂 Enjoyr your game 🙂

  3. Beautiful Spring buds all around! We are still a few weeks behind you and receiving heavy rain again today. Longing for sunshine … You had an exciting game indeed! Enjoy your Spring!

  4. Oh those apple blossoms are gorgeous! I keep hoping that our trees will do well. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, just as the trees are starting to flower. And I had no idea that you could keep a bleeding heart in a pot. Why did that never occur to me? Where do you put it in the winter? it’s just beautiful and one of my very favorite plants!

    • Judy, I’m not a green thumb gardener. I just cut it down when it dies and leave it in the pot on the deck all year round and it comes back again.

  5. Spring has arrived in your garden and how pretty it all looks. I love the potted bleeding heart plant on the steps, I have one in my garden but it got damaged when the damson tree landed on it during a storm, hopefully it will recover and grow stronger for next spring.
    Happy Mosaic Monday from wet and windy Normandy.

  6. Oh those blossoms are so gorgeous! So thankful that the Lord blesses us with the vision of renewal every spring!

  7. Love all your pictures of the blooms in your yard, they are gorgeous! I could just smell them from here! We are to get up to 78 degrees here on Thursday, and I can’t wait! It is quite an exciting time of year after a long winter and wet spring! Enjoy all those amazing blooms!

  8. You’ve shown some of the beauties of spring – bleeding hearts are something new to my garden and are so pretty and dainty. Apple blossom time is gorgeous and I hope it’s warm enough for the pollinators to be out and about. It’s been a chilly spring. I hope it warms up soon!

  9. All of the blossoms in your yard are beautiful, Ellen! I love apple blossoms and crab apple blossoms especially!

  10. Spring looks so beautiful in your area, Ellen. We were having a warm spring with early blooms and then BAM–20 inches of snow this weekend! It was warm the past two days so it all melted quickly. The birds were so confused…lol

  11. Love seeing all the new life in your back yard!

    We have had tons of rain and it looks like 70° is the best we can hope for as well for this week.

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