Dear and Dan had a great time completing several projects at the home on the mountain. Tree felling was added to the list of things to accomplish while Dan had a helper. The first tree the guys felled was close to the house. Jamie, Addy and I could watch from the nursery window. The tree was dead and the rain had paused so it was a good time to fell it and cut it into rounds to dry until next winter.

The weather on Easter was so wonderful with no rain all day and beautiful sunshine. After our Easter Brunch company left we changed into work clothes and headed out for a hike on the property to find more dead trees. Addy was snug as a bug with mommy.

This tree that was leaning on another was the tree chosen to untangle and chop down. This time they used an ax.

We supervised from a distance.

We headed back to the house while the guys found a creative way to bring the felled tree back up to the house to cut into rounds.

A wonderful dreamy first Easter for Addy.

Here are some photos from the Southern California gathering with part of my side of the family. My niece Melissa shared this next one of my dear old pop coloring Easter Eggs with her in Southern California.

My older sisters, Kathy and Vera, baked the Russian Easter Bread (Kulich/Paska) for the Easter gathering. Quite a nice batch. Good job sisters! On Easter day they gathered at Debbee and Lenny’s home to celebrate Jesus together. My little grandniece Ellie had her first Easter egg hunt. Look at her bunny purse for her egg gathering, so cute.  Grandnephew Jack and Grandniece Avery got quite a haul. My nieces Melissa, Michelle and Debbee prepared the strawberries to go with the Easter bread and Seernaya Paska.

My Pop (one month shy of 94) with some of his grandchildren and great grandchildren who all live in Southern California. The Texas crew and Washington crew are missing plus some of the California grands, too.

Dear and I traveled home again on Tuesday April 18th. Being conditioned to take the morning Addy shift, I woke up at 4 am today ready to go. It will take a few days to extend my sleep to a more normal pattern. We were gone for 13 days so the lawn needs mowing and some weeds need pulling. As soon as we get a good dry day we’ll whip things into shape. The rain has been relentless. It was tough to say goodbye…

Thank you for visiting and the time you take to leave a comment. It is always appreciated. Hope to visit y’all soon. Blessings.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Timber!

  1. Addy seems always content and sweet as can be! Her mommy is radiant and you look lovely holding her. Glad the guys took care of the trees. I always enjoy seeing your precious Pop. These family photos are real treasures. Hope you catch up on your rest soon. xoxo

  2. What a cute photo in parting…doesn’t look as if Addy wants to say goodbye either! A lot of good chores were accomplished…always helpful and soon the rain will stop and you’ll be able to tackle your projects. I always enjoy seeing your dad doing things and having his family gathered around.

  3. What a blessing to be part of such a wonderful family. : )
    Ken and I have felled many a tree up at Happy Trails!!

  4. Those “tree fellers” did a great job! I’m always nervous when trees are coming down – quite a dangerous task! So glad you got in lots of night shift cuddles – I’m sure they were very much appreciated by Addy’s parents!!! She is adorable. Great pictures of your Pop and the gang in California!

  5. So many good photos! But that last one is fabulous! I think that this is one to frame . . . or to tuck into your purse for a little Grandma bragging . . . or put into a scrapbook . . . or all three!

    I confess to always being a bit nervous when tree felling is in the works and I’m always relieved when the tree is safely down. The guys, however, seem to take a lot of pleasure in that work.

  6. What a beautiful extended family you have, my friend. Your father is amazing! Coloring Easer eggs at almost 94 years of age is just amazing to me. I just realized in seeing the picture of you and Addy how long her fingers are! A future pianist perhaps? 🙂

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