E is for Ellen’s Winter Wonderland…

p1070087We don’t get snow every year and this was an exciting surprise for us when we woke up early on Monday morning.

p1070077It won’t last long but the exhilaration causes an excessive amount of photos every couple of minutes on social media. I like how this old house looks in the snow.

p1070079Dear and ellen b. went for a walk in the snow. Dear is home because he is not employed and hasn’t been employed since June of last year. We are still not sure if this is unemployment or retirement.

p1070076Our pear tree that we just finished pruning last week.

p1070084Our privacy fence that encloses our deck from eavesdropping neighbors.

p1070069An enchanting view on our walk east of our home. There were ducks in that pond.

p1070074On our early morning walk we encountered neighborhood children enjoying this steep hill sledding.

16427645_10212122420284040_3764751214739464333_nWe ended our snowy walk with a selfie of Dear and ellen b. Our house is behind Dear’s head.

Linking up with ABC Wednesday which was going to end but has been revived with a new leader.

25 thoughts on “E is for Ellen’s Winter Wonderland…

  1. Snow, when it is infrequent, is a beautiful treat! Oh, how pretty everything looks in a blanket of white! Kudos to you and your hubby for getting out for a chilly walk!

  2. EXQUISITE Dear Ellen,
    I love snow it is so pretty and looks like everywhere has been
    covered in a layer of icing.
    I remember by elder sister Norma icing the delicious Christmas
    cake that she made in her Domestic Science lessons at Grammar
    School. my brother and I were allowed to use a spatula to form
    snow peaks ,
    We would then, carefully place a little green fir tree tree and a little house
    on the top of our carefully crafted snow scene.
    To finish, a jolly Father Christmas, complete with a sleigh and
    Then, she would wrap piece of scarlet ribbon around it and voila !
    Cake done…. a masterpiece.
    Your lovely snow scenes have evoked very warm memories of my childhood
    I do miss my sister she passed away just over a year ago, so at present she’s very
    much in my thoughts.
    I like the selfie of you and your dear husband,,,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    • Di, I so enjoyed reading your childhood memories. Glad you have sweet memories of your dear sister. It’s hard losing someone on this earth. Blessings…

  3. Wonderful snow photography ~ nice and fun when you don’t get snow often ~ Here in New England USA we are bracing for a major winter storm ~ We didn’t get much this year so guess we have to grin and bear ~ LOL ~ Great post for E ~ enjoy.

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Week ~ ^_^

  4. Your snow pictures are beautiful! We are due to have some snow tonight through tomorrow afternoon some time. I doubt that it will be anything like what you have, but I love to look at the snow and take pictures.

  5. Gorgeous photos! So it does snow in Seattle. I don’t know why I think it doesn’t snow near the ocean or a bay. I’m in the same ponder as your Dear. I kinda like the idea of retirement.

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