The Getty


When Dear and I arrived in Southern California and drove north to Oxnard from the Long Beach airport I took this photo of the Getty museum on the hill close to the Wilshire area of West Los Angeles. Little did I know I would enjoy the museum with our oldest kids, my sister, sister in law and grand niece.


On Tuesday night Josh and Laura asked if I wanted to go along with them to the Getty on Wednesday. My sister Vera had taken the day off so it worked out for all four of us to travel north from Orange County together.


My sister in law, Kelly, nannies her granddaughter Ellie and they joined us at the museum.


As one of my facebook friends said, Josh and Laura make the Getty look good.



Ellie really took to her cousin once removed.

getty-026I really enjoyed this painting so I took some close-ups of the bottom and top of the painting.





This painting will be familiar to many. Irises by Vincent van Gogh.


Josh and Ellie enjoying more masterpieces.


One of a few Monet’s at the museum.





getty-006Supreme carving skills in this portrait were amazing.



There is so much to enjoy at The Getty so I would encourage multiple trips. Here are links to my other trips to The Getty.


Ruby at the Museum

Blue- The Getty

We enjoyed a meal at a cafe on the grounds with so many great choices. Entrance to the museum is free and you only have to pay to park.  J. Paul Getty (1892-1976), was an art collector and businessman who used his fortune to create an institution dedicated to the diffusion of cultural knowledge.

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7 thoughts on “The Getty

  1. Except for the couple of bare-no-leaves-trees, the Getty looks positively lush with green against the fluffy clouds and blue skies. And you all appear to have enjoyed your time there.

  2. Looks like it hasn’t changed much since I was last there. And I recall fondly the visit(s) you and Willow and I made there too. Thanks for featuring one of my favorite paintings – the Alma-Tadema.

  3. I’ve never heard of this museum, but I don’t know the area well. I love the May Day painting. When I was a kid in Kansas City in the early sixties, I remember making May Day baskets in my neighborhood and also, we had long ribbons and made a May pole. When we left Kansas City I never found any other community that celebrated May Day again.

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