Holmes County Ohio


While in Holmes County, Ohio, Mrs. Yoder’s was recommended to us for a meal so we stopped here for lunch breaking up our country drive. The food was plentiful and at a good price. Many locals were eating here rather than tourists.



A fun fall display at Troyer Country Market. “The foods in our Amish Wedding line originate from time-tested Amish recipes and have out-of-this-world flavor,” Vogt said. “The Amish Wedding line is all about foods that are naturally good with clean-label ingredients.   Read the ingredient list on our jars, it’s what you don’t see on the label that proves what’s really good inside.”




Linking up to signs, signs with Lesley and to Good Fences with TexWisGirl.

We came home from Eastern Washington yesterday. It was a 5-1/2 hour drive and


today we have been working at filling up some yard waste bins with the leaves that fell while we were gone.


Do you have to rake leaves? Dear used a leaf blower that sucks up and mulches the leaves. It’s noisy but it gets the job done. We aren’t done with leaves yet because more will fall from the maple, apple tree and pear tree.

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17 thoughts on “Holmes County Ohio

  1. Another plentiful harvest to be thankful for! The truck is a fun way to advertise, piled high with produce!
    I really like your shot of the leaves & for us gathering & raking leaves is the way we tidy the yard.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic place to eat. Very nice fall photos. We had some trees cut recently and we have some clean-up from that. It seems there is always something to do! lol

  3. Our neighbor has gigantic maples that drop the leaves and they blow into our yard. Oh well. Bill is good about raking them or blowing them away or mulching them. I bet it’s good to be home.

  4. I love the old truck and display – such a nice country drive! We recently moved to a townhouse – (we’re away most weekends) and our old house had LOTS of leaves – too much to keep up with!

  5. Very pleasant post. Yoders sounds like a great place. Neat old truck. Very pretty fence scene. Nice colorful leaves you have to rake. We don’t have to rake many leaves except out back by where we park our cars.

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