Indiana Good Fences…





We were so impressed with how clean and tidy all the Amish/Mennonite farms and roads were in Indiana and Ohio.

I’ll be linking up to Good Fences with TexWisGirl from Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

Tonight our Small Group will be starting up again with some new folks we’ve never met. It will be interesting to see how God puts our group together. I’ll be doing a little dusting and tidying up the messes from emptying our suitcases. The Fall colors are really starting to show beautifully here and there in the Pacific Northwest. How are the colors in your neck of the woods?

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12 thoughts on “Indiana Good Fences…

  1. The last photo is my favorite!
    We are just beginning to see a few fall colors here in north Mississippi. Hoping for glorious color in a few weeks. Each year we drive over into Alabama and/or up into Tennessee just gawking at the beauty!

  2. Our fall leaves are just starting to turn in Southern Ontario. Three hours north will reach their peak this weekend. Enjoy your new bible study group tonight.

  3. Thanks so much for taking and sharing these gorgeous photos of Indiana and Ohio. They are beautiful places and I do think the Amish areas are a big part of their loveliness.

  4. Color is barely beginning here…but surely it will be soon!

    I hear you…tidying up for your small group meeting. Sometimes it’s nice to have incentive! 🙂

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