Mosaic Monday

Last Saturday Dear and I attended our very first Chinese/Vietnamese Wedding Banquet. We had a wonderful time and we were happy to be invited and introduced to this cultural experience.


Dear was the groom’s boss. The banquet was at a restaurant in the greater Seattle area called Joy Palace. We brought the traditional Red envelope with a money gift for the bride and groom. There were no gift registries that we could find. It was good to google Chinese/Vietnamese wedding manners that were very helpful in giving us an idea of how the evening would unfold and what to expect.

Wedding and memorial-001

What a culinary experience it was. I tried every course except for the Steamed Fish. My favorites were the Shrimp Stuffed Crab Claw and the Walnut Shrimp. These were all dishes I had never experienced before. We had to leave after course number 9! We missed the dessert courses. The Fried Rice Mix was different from the local Chinese restaurants we go to. It had the added ginger ingredient that I enjoyed.

Have you ever been to a Chinese or Vietnamese Wedding Celebration?

I’m linking up with Maggie at Normandy Life for Mosaic Monday.

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12 thoughts on “Mosaic Monday

  1. Oh, dear…I would have been in; trouble as I don’t like fish…or anything else, really, from the sea…I can do Shrimp Cocktail or tiny fried shrimp but don’t really like those, either…
    Bride and groom so sweet….

  2. Yes, we attended a Vietnamese wedding.
    I tried and quite enjoyed the the food, except the gelled fish dish. The chicken was served with head and feet. Both head and feet were delicacies.
    My husband didn’t eat much at reception and stopped for hamburger on way home.
    Also,was fscinated that bride changed three times into beautiful bridal gowns.
    White at wedding ceremony. Yellow at beginning of reception and red towards middle/end of reception.

  3. What a fascinating event it must have been, it was a good idea to google ahead of time so that you knew what to expect. The mosaic of different dishes is wonderful, I think I would have tried everything apart from the shark fin soup. Thanks for showing us a different way to celebrate a marriage.

  4. Hello, the wedding sounds like fun. Pretty images of the bride and groom. The food is different, I am usually willing to try new foods at least once. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Such a wonderful event to attend and share in someone else’s culture and wedding. I’d try almost anything but the shark fin soup. I do love seafood. Have a great week, Ellen.

  6. You’re probably not surprised to learn that I’ve been to a few (dozen) of these multiple-course meals. All the items you’ve listed are pretty standard. My favorite is probably the steamed fish.

    • Dear enjoyed the steamed fish but that was the one dish I didn’t try when I saw him dealing with bones. We were happy to be sitting with a Vietnamese couple who explained some of the dishes to us….

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