The Weekend

This last weekend we enjoyed good times together with our kids.

2016-08-02 kids weekend

Our kids from the east arrived shortly after 2 pm and we had a snack of Pishkey-Russian Fry bread or (Rollkuchen-Mennonite Version) and watermelon. Next up was getting our son Dan’s Blazer on a car carrier so he could take it back to his own shop in Eastern Washington. Lots of discussion went on amongst the 4 men on the best way to do things. The ladies sat on patio chairs far away from the danger and kept Reyna (Dan and Jamie’s dog) entertained. Katie ventured over to the danger to take a GoPro video of the action.

kids weekend 022

Reyna enjoyed fetch while the guys worked and then had a little rest under the apple tree.

kids weekend 038

2016-08-02 kids weekend1

When the vehicle was safely on the carrier and strapped down we enjoyed dinner together. Brisket off the smoker, barbecue beans, and a fresh slaw of mango, jicama, and cabbage. Apple Cake for dessert. I didn’t get a photo of Laura before she had to leave.


On Sunday Dan, Jamie, Josh and I enjoyed the Sounders game together. This was an anniversary treat for Dan from his bride of one year! It was such a good game even though we didn’t win but left with a tie.


On Monday morning more things were loaded up and Dan and Jamie carefully drove home. We picked pears off our tree for them to take home for canning. They also took the balance of our apples to prepare for canning. Reyna hopped in the back seat excited to take off with Dan and Jamie.


kids weekend 047

It was so good to see these two face to face. A happy anniversary weekend to them a month after their one year anniversary! We enjoy each of our children with their spouses. They are three very different couples with their unique qualities that blend well with each other. We love their uniqueness. We are so blessed to know that they have a common bond in the Spirit with our God and Creator. Unique but the same, bonded in the Spirit of the Lord. We thank God for his loving hand on them and pray for their marriages which are constantly under attack in our current world.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Looks like your family enjoys anything they can do together, even difficult jobs.
    Your Russian Pishkey fry bread looks like something my mother used to make that she called “crullers”
    Also, what is the shrub by your house with the beautiful purple blooms?

  2. Your son Dan looks very much like my son, Ellen! I know it must have been fun for you all to be together and enjoy each other’s company and good food and the soccer game.

  3. Such a nice family post, Ellen! It looks like you all had the best time together…a little work, a little play, a little /lot of good food…and lots of quality time together.

  4. Fun Food and lots of Fellowship. That’s the best. I’m glad that you good enjoy some good soccer while it lasted.

  5. Such wonderful family photos, Ellen! Dan and Jamie make such a cute couple, and I love their dog! I still envy you that gorgeous hydrangea bush. 😉 It looks (and sounds) like a great family weekend; I love to go to a baseball game — they’re much more fun in person than on television.

    Perfect prayer for your children and their spouses — this is a tough culture on marriages. I hope our son will find the right young lady for him someday. Have a good week, Ellen.



  6. This was such a treat for me to read this morning Ellen, I especially was blessed by your thoughts of how different the couples are, but yet so unique, yet how well they blend so well, I was thinking, isn’t that the way our heavenly Father sees us!~smile~
    Thank you for visiting, for your kind words and prayers, Happy Anniversary to the your children the smiles say it all!

  7. That must have been such a good weekend! I had to laugh at the picture of the men conferring on the best way to load the vehicle. So typical – but they got it done!

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