Yellowstone Signs…


We were happy for the most part with the sign placement in Yellowstone National Park.  There was only a couple times I yelled too late “pull over” and we had to circle back to see another amazing area. These series of signs were from the western side of the park.

yellowstone day one 059

yellowstone day one 165

yellowstone day one 154At major sights there were detailed signs that explained what you were looking at and mileage postings so you understood how far you’d have to walk to see everything. I have lots of photos to share from the Norris Geyser Basin in a future post.

yellowstone day one 113

yellowstone day one 107

Sheepeater Cliff: This cliff was named for the Shoshone Indians who lived throughout this mountainous region. Their use of the bighorn sheep earned them the name “Tukadika or Sheepeaters.” The cliff is basalt lava that formed columnar joints” when it cooled nearly 500,000 years ago.

yellowstone day one 088

Stay tuned for more themal basins, geysers, waterfalls, bison and amazing vistas from our oldest National Park.

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