River Walk Reflections and Rhoddies


While in San Antonio, Texas a large tourist draw is the River Walk in the downtown area. They say it is the number one Tourist attraction in the state of Texas. I’m happy to have seen this area but it was not my favorite from my San Antonio experience.

trolley tour 139


P1060302 P1060300 P1060299 P1060297

Most of my photos were taken in the early morning hours when the walkways were clear of the hoards of people you’ll find here later in the day and evening. I’m not a fan of Disneyland like crowds so the walk wouldn’t be my first choice for a meal even though you’ll find a very large selection of restaurants all along the downtown part of the walk. I preferred heading up and out of this area to find a place to eat. Despite my feelings this is a treasured area in San Antonio.

2016-05-04 rhoddies and soup

Some treasures from Washington State in my very own yard are these rhododendron bushes. Four of the bushes were here and well established when we moved into this old house in the fall of 1998. The small yellow bush is a recent addition from 4 years ago.

rhoddies and soup 007

rhoddies and soup 010

rhoddies and soup 003

Rhododendrons are the Washington State Flower.

rhoddies and soup 002

Our youngest rhoddie.

And my last photo are of some of my favorite human treasures in front of our rhoddy bushes!


I’ll be linking up to Tuesday’s Treasures with Tom The Backroads Traveler and

ABC Wednesday started by Mrs. Nesbitt and administered by Roger and Team for R is for River Walk and Rhoddies.

I’m headed to Canada (British Columbia) early Tuesday morning and will be gone all day so I’ll be late in visiting participants in these two memes. We are promised beautiful weather for most of the week in the 70’s! Hope your week is starting well.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

25 thoughts on “River Walk Reflections and Rhoddies

  1. I love San Antonio!!!!
    You have a beautiful family! A friend of mine was in Oregon and Washington recently and said she saw lavender growing up in the cracks of a sidewalk!! She said EVERYTHING just grows so well there and the lushness of it all was breathtakingly beautiful!!! The heat of Texas summers make it a challenge to just keep the grass green! By August we are just hanging on to anything that survives HEAT!!!

  2. San Antonio is our favorite place to go for a long weekend. And, we LOVE the River Walk..some of the best foods I’ve ever eaten has been there…now I am in the mood to go. πŸ™‚
    Your family is beautiful and so glad you were with them. One of our grandsons lives in Oregon and when we visited last winter, the lushness of everything growing there made a huge impression on us. Huge beautiful ferns, that we pay an arm and a leg for here in West Texas, growing wild EVERYwhere…just beautiful

  3. Wow Ellen, your rhododendrons are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Love those colors!! I didn’t know the rhododendron is the state flower of Washington — very interesting. Ours in N.C. is the dogwood.

    I have heard of the river walk in San Antonio, and I’m with you when it comes to big crowds. I avoid them whenever possible. πŸ™‚ I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day with your dear ones, Ellen. Have a great week!



  4. Can’t handle crowds well either and it has been getting much worse over time. It sure is pretty there! Oh your rhodos are putting on quite the magnificent show…so gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful rhodos and beautiful family in front of them. I really enjoyed the River Walk in San Antonio early in the morning when few people were around.

  6. There are a lot to treasures here Ellen. I was along the river walk years ago, what a lovely treasure. The Rhododendrons are beginning to break here, they are always a sight to treasure. And then there are your family treasures! Thanks for sharing and I hope that you will return soon.

  7. I loved the River Walk too. But I would think the Alamo would be the most popular attraction in SA. My rhodies are not out good yet. It has been so cold here.

  8. I don’t like the crowds either, it was cool the last time we were there so it wasn’t too crowded.
    Too early for rhodies here too. Still waiting for our cherry blossoms.

  9. Hi Ellen, i totally can relate to the dislike of crowds !! I also always try to avoid them if i can.

    Seems you had a lovely trip, your photo’s show lots of pretty things.

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week
    β™« M e l ☺ d y β™« <abc-w-team)

  10. i would love to go see the river walk one day but i too am not a fan of huge crowds…love the shot of the colorful umbrellas reflecting in the river…beautiful rhododendroms you have…they grow out in the wild here…love the photos of you and your “treasures” πŸ™‚

  11. Your Rhodys are outstandingly beautiful!
    Wonderful photos of reflections in San Antonio, too! I love the one with the colorful umbrellas!

  12. That looks like a lovely spot but like you I would probably head away from the crowds. Such pretty flowers and I’m with you on the human treasures in our lives being the best ones.

  13. When I was in San Antonio last, I did stroll down the River Walk. And while it wasn’t too crowded, the heat and humidity made it a very short stroll! One day, I’d like to see your Washington rhodies up close and personal!

  14. I loved the River Walk in San Antonio! I visited the city with girlfriends from HS–a mini reunion–and we walked the entire river walk every morning for exercise, but had plenty of fod and drink there later in the day..lol What was your favorite experience in San Antonio?
    Your Rhododendrons are magnificent! They made me nostalgic as I had a beautiful one in front of my house that was about 30 y ears old, that I planted. I can’t grow them here–the deer for one reason–they would love to eat them!

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