Signs and Fences…

The signs and fences I’m sharing today are all from Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. taken on Friday March 18th.

van 2 050

van 2 044

van 2 039

van 2 081

van 2 083

We were happy to find Stanley’s at lunch time. We were still full from our hearty breakfast but after walking about we were ready for some refreshment.

van 2 082

van 2 084

van 2 095May would be another great time of year to visit Stanley Park to enjoy the Rose Gardens. I still have a post with the beautiful flowering trees we enjoyed on this day. After we had our refreshment at Stanley’s we hit the road back to the good ole U.S.A.

I’m linking up with Lesley for signs, signs and with TexWisGirl for Good Fences.

We have another few days of sunny weather here in the Seattle area and there are predictions of the temps getting close to 80 tomorrow!! I’m back in a pattern of walking which is a good thing. I finally got my Senior Sneakers membership card so I will head to a gym nearby to sign up and see how that goes…

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18 thoughts on “Signs and Fences…

  1. Pauses for Refreshment are always a part of our walks … It’s so pretty there with the water ….such a great getaway. I’m glad you didn’t run into any rabid raccoons. (Not funny at all, but the alliteration makes it sound silly.)

  2. How fun that you found refreshment at Stanley’s! It’s a great park that I have visited often through the years…but I have never been refreshed at Stanley’s yet. Maybe next time!

  3. It’s been a while since I was last in Stanley Park and you’ve reminded me of what a pleasure it is to walk (and lunch) there.
    Up here the day has dawned with a clear sky and a promise of warm temperatures. A real spring day!

  4. Thank you for posting these pictures, they bring back many lovely memories of Stanley Park.
    My husband took me for a walk there, on one of our first dates, many, many moons ago.
    Since I now live in Ontario, I very seldom get back to Vancouver

  5. Love your fences today Ellen.
    Your refreshments have made me thirsty as the sun’s over the yardarm here! That’s an old sailing phrase meaning it’s ok to enjoy a tipple now!

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