We Gathered First at the Table…

Sisters wknd 010

The sisters from youngest to oldest, Lana, Ellen, Vera, and Kathy.

There is so much to share from our sister weekend so there will be several posts to document our time together. On Friday I picked up my two older sisters from the airport. Even though they flew with two different airlines they coordinated their flights so that they landed within a half hour of each other. We came home to enjoy Marg’s overnight french toast which was delicious. I was so consumed in serving my sisters and all the schedules in my head that I forgot to take a photo. After our brunch we spent a couple hours at Goodwill and a Persian market and bakery.

For dinner we decided on sharing the Raclette eating experience with them.

2016-03-05 Sisters wknd

Our youngest sister, Lana, arrived later in the afternoon from southern California. Her home is in Washington but she works in California (long story). Lana and her husband Steve got to our house for dinner and we all gathered around as our daughter Katie explained the Raclette method to everyone.

2016-03-05 Sisters wknd1

It didn’t take long for everyone to get involved in the grilling experience and we had a leisurely time grilling meat and veggies, melting cheese and enjoying our food and conversation. For dessert we had good ole fashioned banana splits! I introduced my sisters to Fixer Upper and enjoyed some episodes. We made plans on a starting time for our full day of fun planned for Saturday.

Sisters wknd 078

My next post will be all about our garden stop in Mount Vernon!

Today my sister Vera and I did a little shopping and enjoyed a meal at a Persian restaurant before I dropped her off at the airport. Tomorrow will be a recuperating day for me. Hope all is well in your world…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “We Gathered First at the Table…

  1. Precious times with sisters – we have to make them whenever we can. It sounds like you four were busy catching up and sharing your part of the world. The smiling picture is lovely!

  2. Such a wonderful thing, to have sisters together. My sister is here for a few days from Denver to help with my Dad’s business. I sure see a family resemblance with you and your sisters.
    I’ve never heard of that method of cooking at the table–maybe there will be more on that in another post?

  3. Sister time is so special!! I am happy that you were able to enjoy precious moments together! Looking forward to hearing more about the visit.

  4. So special to be able to spend this time with your sisters — so easy to see the love and closeness you share .. I love all our ‘sister posts’

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