Sunlit ~ InSPIREd Sunday!

Later today I’ll link up with Sunlit Sunday hosted by Karen at My Little Home and Garden and InSPIREd Sunday hosted by Beth and Sally. Here are more churches from San Francisco and some other sunlit inspirations.

S.F. rain tour 006

St. Agnes Catholic Church in the Haight Asbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

S.F. rain tour 002

Another church I saw on the upper deck bus tour I took. Wish I knew what church is is.

sat morn S.F 003

The First Congregational Church in Downtown San Francisco that is now the Academy of Art.

lunar new year 002

A recent sunrise out my stairwell window beyond my neighbors huge maple tree.


A timely sunlit photo for this particular Sunday. This sculpture in Kirkland Washington always is decorated according to what’s happening in our world or for holidays.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Sunlit ~ InSPIREd Sunday!

  1. I really like that big round window at the front of the 1st one & the bell tower of the 2nd is really great too. Although the First Congregational Church building looks to me more like a Court House than a Church. Impressive sunset as well. That Cow statue made me think of the Golden Calf that Aaron made for the Israelites while Moses was up the mountain.

  2. I tried to look up what church the second one is and it’s not as easy as I thought! Perhaps someone will know. Of all these pretty pictures, the one from your own home is loveliest of all. Off topic, but did you read about the pedestrians on the Golden Gate Bridge who were hurt by blow darts? Crazy world!

  3. The tower in the 2nd photo is much like the capture I made out the train window here on the east coast. What fun to see that cow dressed for the season. Happy V Day too.

  4. Oh that glorious sunrise, it makes me feel all is right with the world.
    Waking up to a beautiful day in paradise.
    It doesn’t get better than that!

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