Good Fences…


These are some of the fences on our walking loop. Dear and I are still heading out most days for a forty minute heart pumping walk in our neighborhood. Dear is working from home these days so I’m happy to have a walking partner. It’s a good computer/reading/housework break for him and for me. We try to get out before or after the rain and sometimes walk in light rain, too.

I’m linking up with Tex*Wis*Girl for Good Fences #98.

On Wednesday I traveled to a large Asian store in Bellevue, Washington, to see if I could find some more items for our Chinese New Year Super Bowl party. I hit the jackpot and found several great additions for our party like almond cookies, fortune cookies, Tsingtao, and lucky coins. There is a Goodwill next store to the Asian Market. I was so disappointed about how overpriced several items were at Goodwill. Sheesh…a used dinner plate for $7.99…really??? I had to search long and hard to find items that were reasonably priced. Goodwill needs a wake up call. Thanks for letting me whine!

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15 thoughts on “Good Fences…

  1. Hello, pretty images from your walk. It is nice to have company during your walk. Glad your hubby is home with you! I agree, 7.99 for one plate at the Goodwill is awful. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. I love your Asian party items – those little dolls were gorgeous. As for Goodwill, I’ve heard that there’s very little money that actually gets to charity. I’ve not followed that up though. It’s crazy to pay that price for a used plate!

  3. I just started walking today – Took my mom’s dog as my companion. – You saw some great fences. I really like the shot in the upper left of the mosaic. Your Super Bowl party sound like fun!

  4. Hi Ellen,

    I like your fence mosaic! Kudos to you and you hubby for taking that good walk every day — your heart will thank you for it, I’m sure. Hal and I must get back to the “Y”. We started at the first of the year, until I started having respiratory problems again. I’ve NEVER had an ongoing problem quite like this. Anyway, we hope to return to our exercising next week.

    I may have told you before, but I love your header! What a wonderful, happy-looking family to be a part of. 🙂 We’re looking forward to the Super Bowl here. Everyone in our region is beside themselves with excitement because our Carolina Panthers are playing. Enjoy your weekend, Ellen, and your party too.



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