Aunt Anna and the Amiable Guinea Pig

Have you guessed yet that we are at the beginning of the alphabet again for ABC Wednesday #18 (Rolling On) a meme created by Mrs. Nesbitt and now administered by Roger and the ABC team. I was in my archives and saw my very first post for this meme was for the letter D posted February 12, 2008!

Today I’ll be combining two memes with my letter A post. A new meme is starting today hosted by Tom the Backroads Traveler called Tuesdays Treasures where you can share all things old, old and lovely or old and junky!

My Aunt Anna and Pop and my Amiable Guinea Pig are old treasures that are old and lovely. I’ll save junky for another week!

homemaker monday 010

When I first visited Jolly Old England in 1973 and 1974 I started a collection of Beatrix Potter figurines. This is the Amiable Guinea Pig!

homemaker monday 011

He is featured in Appley Dapply’s Nursery Rhymes book by Beatrix Potter originally published in 1917.

homemaker monday 013

There once was an amiable guinea pig,
He brushed back his hair like a periwig-
He wore a sweet tie,
As blue as the sky-
And his whiskers and buttons were very big.

homemaker monday 007

Now for real treasures…


…my Aunt Anna and my dear old Pop. Aunt Anna will be 91 in April and my Pop will be 93 in May! Aren’t they cute? They are having lunch at a favorite Armenian Restaurant in Montebello, California. A town I grew up in. I graduated from Montebello High School in 1968! Armenians cook their lamb the way my Russian family enjoys it. I didn’t take the photo since I’m way up here in Washington state but I’m glad my niece thought to take it and share it on Facebook.

Aunt Anna and my pop are the only surviving siblings in their family. My paternal grandparents died several years ago and my father’s other brothers and their spouses are all deceased. My Aunt Anna survived her husband and all three of her children and a granddaughter, too. She has had a rough life on this earth. Aunt Anna is in a care facility and she still has one granddaughter that stays in close contact with her. Three years ago the doctor gave my aunt a few months to live…guess she showed him!

My Pop lives with my oldest sister’s family and they are close to the care facility where Aunt Anna is cared for. I’m glad my sister thought to invite my Aunt Anna and pick her up to join them for lunch at Golden Skewers! A thoughtful daughter and niece and sister, too!

Looking forward to seeing what A’s and Old Treasures you all came up with.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

25 thoughts on “Aunt Anna and the Amiable Guinea Pig

  1. You are right , your Aunt and your Dad are the real treasures. Though I must say I loved the Beatrix Potter figurine too because children’s literature is my favorite ! It really is lovely that your family remembers to include Aunt Anna, because being alone at that age is a terrible thing. My Aunt who lived well until 105 told me once that surviving others is the hardest thing about living to old age. I am already beginning to understand that.

  2. Your Pop and Aunt Anna are true treasures- their faces display what wonderful persons they must be. As for your figurine- Beatrix Potter is my very favorite illustrator. I have a stuffed Peter Rabbit, a box of postcards of her characters.and a box of tiny books by her. Thanks for sharing- I found it delightful to read.

  3. Your dad and his sister are the real treasures to be sure. Your aunt has a remarkable story and she’s still smiling. That must mean that her faith is intact. Your sister is a very thoughtful person. I’m sure that it means a lot to both of them to stay in touch and get together from time to time.

    Your little figurine is sweet and fits the meme so well…amiable is such a nice description.

  4. Oh, what treasures they are. I hope you live near enough to get to visit often. I have not looked to see where you are from.

  5. Your family is thoughtful and caring toward each other to think about how special it would be for your aunt and Pop to enjoy some time together and a meal out! How they must miss their close loved ones whom they shared so much of life with!

  6. Great post, Ellen! I was taken immediately with your sweet Beatrix Potter figurine. As I read on, however, I was even more taken with the photo of your dear aunt and your sweet pop who are the treasures indeed. How wonderful that they are well-loved and well cared for!

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