The Year of 2015!

A post that will hold the most interest for me and my brain helping me to remember what happened when and in what year. 2015 at this Old House and beyond.



Birthday celebration for our sons. A quick trip to California to meet our new nephew Andrew and to celebrate Hope’s birthday. Always a bonus to see my dear old pop when I travel to Southern California.



We started a planter and walkway project that had several phases.



I flew to Spokane for a day to join in on the wedding dress shopping fun for our soon to be daughter in law.


Celebrated my sixty fourth birthday at Fado Irish Pub in Seattle and we sang “When I’m Sixty Four” with some good reviews.


I met some of the Mennonite Girls in Mount Vernon to enjoy the tulips!



We had a day of making Paska/Kulich (Russian Easter Bread) and Seernaya Paska.(sweet cheese spread)


Easter lunch with some nice sunshine and a walk.


We all drove to Chewelah for the girls to attend a bridal shower for Jamie. We celebrated Andrew’s birthday while we were there.


End of April I flew to California again for one day and attended a baby shower and a mini high school reunion.



Mothers day meal, siding work and another trip to Chewelah for pre-wedding projects.



Finishing up siding projects and Dear installed a privacy fence.


I drove to Canada for a lovely tea in honor of our Kathy of the Mennonite Girls and on Father’s day Katie was matron of honor in her friends wedding.


The end of June was Dan and Jamie’s wedding. So many fun memories with friends and extended family. Meow, meow!



Post wedding company canoeing, swimming, sight seeing and a 4th of July party. Post company trip to Cape Flattery and Sequim for the lavender fields. Katie and Andrew moved into our basement.



We traveled to Canada again for a hike and potluck barbecue with the Mennonite Girls. Our pears ripened early this year and it was a bumper crop. Dear finished up painting on our out building. We attended an event that our son and some partners hosted at a Sounders game. Dear started work on a remodel of Josh and Laura’s Kitchen.



Joshua’s open house at his new office space. Greg and Andrew continued work on Josh and Laura’s kitchen remodel with other home improvements thrown in.



Tim and Letty fly up so Tim can install the kitchen cabinets at Josh and Laura’s remodel. The girls enjoyed lunch and shopping while the work went on.


Two baby showers this month. One for our little David the Warrior (full post coming up soon about our little warrior) and one for our future grand niece. One of the showers was in Washington and the other in Southern California. I flew down to California earlier than expected because my brother in law suffered a massive heart attack and I was anxious to see him and be with my sister. While in California I got to see my pop again and go out to lunch with him.



My brother in law did not survive the complications of his heart attack and we all flew down to attend his services on November 10th.


Tim and Letty flew up for Thanksgiving and we had some fun outings while they were here for a week. The guys completed another project at Josh and Laura’s while the girls had tea and shopped!



December we celebrated all month long with Laura’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas celebrations at home and in Canada with the Mennonite Girls and Katie’s birthday. We were introduced to Raclette and now have our own grill. Our new grand niece arrived early on Christmas Eve.

It is always amazing to see all that has gone on in a given year. As usual years are filled with joy and sorrow. This year was fuller than others since we had so many wonderful events surrounding Dan and Jamie’s wedding. God is good to us.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “The Year of 2015!

  1. A full and beautiful Year! You folks really do get around and you are very busy. Don’t you think Bev deserves a reward for promoting Raclettes? Even I want one now!

  2. Indeed, so many things happen in a year! Joys and sorrows, smooth roads and rough…all part of life. But we can always look back with eyes of faith and see God’s hand in it all.

    Happy New Year, friend! May your year be filled with His grace!

  3. Yes God is good to you and too me! And it is fantastic to realize it. Still in Spain, flying standby and flights to full to get out today. Will try again tomorrow. Our kids flew to their home this morning. Too quote someone, “A good time was had by all.” Loved with tears the Segrada Familia. My heart is so for ya, dear friend😊

  4. Fantastic review of 2015 Ellen! So many memories tucked away and this is such a great way to do it. I agree with Vee about the Raclette (I want one now too). Many blessings to you and yours in 2016.

  5. It’s always fun to look over the year in review! I wonder what it would be like to get notes on the year ahead? Reminds me of how good it is to entrust our lives into the care of our Heavenly Father who knows the way and will continue to be there with us.

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