Signs, signs…

Taking a little break from Christmas posts with these signs from the city of Duvall in Washington State. We were here back in October. The Sorry we’re Open sign was outside Armadillo Barbecue.

Across the street and down the block was this bakery with it’s clever sign.

Next store was the Duvall Coffeehouse “Rise and Shine”.

So you have bread, coffee, and then there’s the Tap room. See my reflection in the door?!

Across the street is the Valley Grange built in 1926.

I’ll leave Duvall with this cafe sign. The next town down the highway is Carnation and I’ll show the signs from their main street in January!

Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well. We are plugging away and getting excited for the time we’ll have together as a family.

Linking up with Lesley for signs, signs.


10 thoughts on “Signs, signs…

  1. I love signs and I can never remember this party…going to put a reminder on my sidebar…
    I love all your signs in this fun post…
    and…I love your snow.
    A lady I started blogging with way back in 2007 put the snow on her blog and she loved it so much that she left it all year, calling it fairy dust….I love that. She passed away a few yrs ago after battling cancer for several yrs.

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