Absent from the Body…

…present with our Lord. Nick died late this afternoon at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, California.

Our brother Nick’s suffering has ended and he is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This next photo is of Nick and my sister Vera at our son Dan’s wedding June 27th.

Nick was my friend before he married my sister Vera. We were in youth group together at Bethany Baptist Russian Church in Los Angeles. His parents immigrated to the U.S.A. as did ours. Nick was engaged to my sister before he was drafted and sent to Viet Nam in the late 60’s. While in my first year of college (68-69) we exchanged letters while he was in Viet Nam. He returned to a world that did not appreciate his service. Nick and Vera were married November 22, 1969.

Not sure the date on this photo but it was shortly after Nick and Vera were married.

After Dear and I were married we spent many fun times with Nick and Vera.

Our first home that Dear and I bought was across the street from Nick and Vera. Our second home was around the corner from them. This photo is from our second home in Huntington Beach at a family gathering after Nick and Vera’s daughter Debbee was born.

This photo above was from a surprise anniversary party we had for Nick and Vera.

Debbee, David, Josh and Dan were such good buddies growing up. This next photo is in the backyard of our house around the corner from Nick and Vera in the early 80’s.


Katie came into the family dynamics later in Ventura, California and soon learned of Uncle Nick’s antics!

Nick was a very generous and giving person and he was always willing to help a brother. We will never forget his acts of service to us through the years, the last being his help at our son Dan’s wedding.

I’m thankful I was able to see Nick and tell him that I loved him one last time before he died. We grieve the loss of our brother on this earth but we rejoice that He is with our Lord and we will see him again. Praying for my sister Vera and her kids as they navigate through their grief on earth…

Thank you to all of you who were praying for Nick…


20 thoughts on “Absent from the Body…

  1. Thank-you for sharing the life of your brother, your sister’s husband, and allowing us a glimpse of a man who made a very big difference in your lives , and a man you’ll see again in heaven.

  2. I’m very sorry for your loss – thanks for this post in memory of your brother in law. God bless your sister, especially, in these coming weeks and months.

  3. A closer look at “Father” Junipero Serra.

    “When white man come we have land, he have Bible. Now he have land, we have Bible.” And Jesus wept.

    Mordecai Ham, Vancouver, WA

    p.s. – I do enjoy your photos and comments, and share a sunny and evangelical Los Angeles heritage.

  4. Certainly praying for your family in this time of loss, Ellen. It is so good to know that you will see him again in heaven and you’ll all be together again living just around the corner from each other. Thank you for sharing this brief story of Nick’s life.

  5. The pictures show how fast life flies by, how our teen years become college age and military and quickly young parenthood and then middle-aged…I don’t feel very old but it still seems like life is going faster and faster. This loss is the part of it that we hate. The sweetness we hold onto is that we have a future that will have no losses and will never end. Praying for your family.

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your BIL Ellen!!! I love the title of your post and the beautiful family header where he and your sister Vera are included. Precious memories of a huge part of your life! Praying for you all …

  7. Thank you for sharing life with Nick. Bless his heart…he is walking and talking with Jesus now and no more sickness.
    Blessings to all of his family.

  8. Thank you for sharing a bit about Nick with us. Prayers for Vera and all your family, praises for Nick being with His Lord and free of all sorrow and pain. Thanks be to God for His love and care.

  9. A beautiful tribute. The photos hold many wonderful memories and will be such treasures. May God comfort Vera and you as a family during this time of loss. A dearly loved family member who you will all remember with fondness. Praying for you all.

  10. Ellen, I am sorry to read of your dear brother-in-law’s passing. It is always difficult to say good-bye to someone we love, no matter the age, no matter the circumstances. Even as we rejoice that our loved one is with the Lord (and who could wish that person back?), we miss their presence here with us and it is a hard path. Hugs and prayers for your family!!

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