Promises Kept…

This recipe has been around the block a few times and I finally tried it and served my extended family this for dessert last Friday. I’m not saying who but one of my guests went back for a second serving. This recipe is enough for probably 16 and would be a nice alternative for Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving…

The recipe is on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog today. Click over and enjoy. I’d like to wish our Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend coming up!

The card in the background is of a still life Dear’s Aunt put together for this photo card. She’s an artist and usually paints but enjoyed this still life photo shoot. The recipe for the Pumpkin Surprise was on the back of the card and I tweaked the recipe just a bit.

We are a bit foggy and gloomy today. I’m hoping to get out for a wee drive somewhere with Dear since there is no construction going on again today. He did just construct me a breakfast burrito. He’s a keeper for lots of reasons…

Have a wonderful October day!


8 thoughts on “Promises Kept…

  1. Hi Ellen! Oh no! Dreary already? I think you need a YELLOW umbrella for the grey season. Yay that Dear can produce burritos and be such a keeper. You are so good! He appreciates you!
    The dessert looks so good, especially topped with that whipped cream. YUMMY!

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