Signs, signs…

This was a sign I spotted in the Homegoods store that made me take my little camera out of my bag and click. I would have purchased it for the fun of it but I absolutely have no wall space at this old house for this kind of whimsy!

What I did purchase at Homegoods was a table runner for Thanksgiving and something for a Christmas stocking. Speaking of stockings, I’m on a quest to buy 8 new ones this year. Four and four, guys and gals. Found out that the beginning of October is a little too early to find stockings. On my way to Babies R Us (the scariest store on the planet!) I walked into Nordstrom Rack and bought 2 great signs that I’ll put out at Christmas time. After all the whimsical shopping it took some very serious navigating to get around the baby store!

The hardwood floor guys are coming to J & L’s today to sand the floors so Dear has a few days off while the floors get sanded and then refinished. Wonder what adventures we can have with all this free time Dear has? What adventures are happening in your neck of the woods?

I’ll be linking up to signs, signs with Lesley later on today.


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14 thoughts on “Signs, signs…

  1. I love this sign! I don’t have any wall space available for it either, but it is definitely cool

    Have you tried Hobby Lobby for stockings? I’m pretty sure my store has them.

    • Jerrelea, that’s the one store on my list that I didn’t go to yesterday. I’ll have to try them and see…thanks!

  2. I have not visited a Babies R Us store for nearly a decade. I am wondering why it was so scary. Hope that you find fun adventures and all the best with finding some great Christmas stockings.

    • Just such a myriad of items and things and more things all for the same purpose and on and on it goes. Too many choices for me…

  3. That’s a great sign! I’m sure you’ll think of something fun to do with your husband’s free time. Hope the work on the house keeps going well.

  4. I want that sign! Perfect. And we actually have walls, bare walls, in our new digs. Unlike in the RV where every wall has built in storage or bookshelves or whatever …. Of course now we have no storage ))).

    Continued good luck on your project ( I remember those days).

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