Don’t park under these trees!

This sign is posted at the entrance to a property down the road from us that is quite isolated from the houses around it.

I’ll be linking up to signs, signs with Lesley!

We just enjoyed a thunder, lightning and rainstorm move through. We have had drought conditions so any rain we get is appreciated!

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13 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I love the sometimes unintended comical side to serious signs. Regarding thunderstorms and rain, we still haven’t had any rain and storms the rest of this side of Washington is experiencing and I am jealous, I want rain and storms, and a day I have to spend indoors because of stormy weather.

    Oh well, it is only a matter of time and I’ve been waiting since late spring for the rain. It will come….please ?

    • This was a fun one, Kathy B. albeit a quick one. Loud thunder and lightning and just one downpour that didn’t last long enough to make mud!!

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