Before and After

This is what the front of our house looked like when we moved in way back in October of 1998. This photo is from March of 2000. This next photo was taken this week and shows the changes we’ve made. I’ll be posting the different sides of the house and how they looked before and what we’ve done over the last fifteen years to update this old house.

Same door, new windows, and new siding. The planter is filled with new plants, too. I’ll be showing the process of Dear working around the house little by little to make more improvements over the years.

This part of our front walk used to lead to a porch that we enclosed to make a family room instead.

This was what the front walk and porch looked like before we enclosed the area.

The other side of the porch before we enclosed it.

This is what it looks like today.

The process of enclosing the porch/deck.

When we first moved we had signed a one year lease to rent and a month after we moved in the owner said he had to put the home on the market to sell it. We were tired of moving (long story) so we made an offer to buy the property and the rest is history.

I’m beginning to feel the “squeeze” of things I need to organize in my brain for the upcoming wedding and hosting some out of town family here at this old house. Posting and visiting might be a little random. I will be participating less in weekly memes until Julyish!

We are cooling down today in the Seattle area. That makes it nicer to work outside. My relaxing time these days is sitting with my feet up watching Women’s World Cup Soccer games. Watching soccer is my “happy place”.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. wow…ya’ll have done an amazing job….you have a beautiful house.
    love that enclosed back deck….love the roof line of it.

  2. Befores and afters are my favorites 😉 You have made such nice changes to the property to suit your purposes — like hosting guests! Praying that all will go well.

  3. You and your husband made your house a beautiful home, Ellen! All the updates and additions look beautiful. Enjoy all the wedding preparations!

  4. Fun looking at your project with a bit of deja vu thrown in — we remodeled and added to our Oregon home over the course of the 30+ years we lived in it — and recently added to our tiny Canal Cottage here in Florida (not nearly as extensive or time-consuming as our first project or yours). It helps so much to have a husband who can DO things! We are fortunate, you and I.

  5. Lots of excellent changes! The porch was nice, but prime real estate is prime real estate and now you have the patio and awning. I have always admired your new edging filled with plantings and crushed rock. It looks smart. Understandable that time is of the essence. Enjoy the planning and doing for the wedding…such a happy time for your family!

  6. You’ve come a long way. How wonderful to have a handy husband. Great Job Greg! And Kudo’s to you too Ellen. It takes two to complete a big project like that.

  7. Having been at your place now it’s very interesting to see how the extra family room used to be a porch. I like how you enclosed that and it makes it a room close to the kitchen that you can use year round.

  8. What a beautiful job you all have done on the house! Wow! I understand why you decided to buy. I would have been VERY upset if the landlord to our house had done that to us after a month…we have been renting from him now for four years. I sometimes think about buying, but all the things going on financially worry me. Still, we are under the landlord’s whim the way things stand, of course, and that’s always very worrisome.

  9. A house is always a work in progress, isn’t it? You all have made some wonderful changes to make your house a home that is “you”!

    Enjoy these days leading up to the wedding. I am sure there’s a lot to do…no worries about posting or commenting. Just make some memories!

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