Pulls and Knobs

February 006-001

Floors installed 008-001

These first few photos are before shots of our pulls and knobs. I had to look in my archives to find the before photos. I was a bad blogger and I forgot to take close ups of the before shots. These pulls were nice and functional but they had too much detail on the surface that allowed crumbs and flying flour and sugar to gather in the nooks and crannies.

We decided to go with these cup pulls and knobs to match the metal on the pulls. No more nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in…

Our first project of the New Year is complete. Do you have any projects you are going to tackle this year?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Pulls and Knobs

  1. That looks very nice! Are you getting used to pulling out a drawer with the cupped handle that you reach up to rather than down with the others? I’ve heard that it can be an adjustment.

  2. I have one big project…should never of started. Anyways..I like the changes that you have made..the color is light and airy and gives a beautiful atmosphere. We need to redo some stuff in our bedroom..move a Kingsize bed into a room built for a queen size…OYE!
    I’m procrastinating…bad way to start the New Year!

  3. Love your hardware! All of our door knobs have that polished finish, but we didn’t even put handles on in the kitchen or bathrooms. We did a lot of serious thinking about making the house low maintenance when we were designing it. Hubby and one of our girls went crazy the day after Christmas and started a remodeling project. They started painting the living area, redoing the fireplace and our entry door. A friend who is an interior designer is really good at faux painting techniques and she comes next Tuesday. Woo hoo….feels so good

  4. Well done, you, for making the change! I hear you about the designs with little crevices to make cleaning harder. Were they designed by people who’ve never cooked?! What I found amazing is how many pulls and knobs are needed when you stop to count them all.

  5. Your new pulls are identical to the ones in our new-old cottage. I like the look very much.
    Projects? The new place is one BIG project!

  6. Beautiful Ellen – I love that type of pull tho my cupboards don’t lend themselves to this type. I keep looking around my house and thinking how I really need to make the whole thing a project – most importantly start editing and cleaning out the corners – eek!

  7. After no pulls or knobs on my cabinets for 20 years, we put cup pulls on as well. I really like them. I think our project is helping the kids. I’d probably get a dirty look if I mentioned any
    project at our house at this time.

  8. When we were choosing our cupboards and pulls that is the exact thing that made our decision for us. Though I was more drawn to the fancy schmancy ones my dislike of cleaning with a toothbrush won the day.

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