Finally the Bathroom Revealed!

To say that there was much agony over this latest renovation in our home is an understatement. We are happy to be done with the company we chose and happy to be finishing up some final touches ourselves. I won’t even mention the name of the company because I don’t want to give them any advertising. You will see a wonderful transformation without experiencing the pain of getting there. So enjoy the before and after…

2014-05-29 Trees etc2Of course I realized that I didn’t take the best before photos, especially of the bathtub enclosure. Oh well, you will still see major transformations. The sink before was on the right of the cabinet. The window was a slider from side to side.

2014-09-28 bathroomThe tub enclosure before was one piece with a average depth on the tub. The new enclosure is Porcelain tile and goes to the ceiling and wraps around the deeper larger tub. The new tub is wider and longer and deeper.

2014-09-28 bathroom3Our new window is a more energy efficient one and opens up and down instead of side to side. It’ is also larger and allows more light into the room.

2014-09-28 bathroom5We decided since we are getting older to add two safety bars to help with getting up out of the bathtub or stepping out of the higher tub.

2014-09-28 bathroom4We chose, purchased and installed the Mirror, Sconces and wall art ourselves. Dear installed the new window and all the can lights and heater unit in the ceiling. He also did the painting.

2014-09-28 bathroom1When we were at Windsor Castle in England we bought one hand towel to use in our new bathroom as one of our souvenirs. Our new bathroom has a great Spa feeling to it worthy of this queen.

2014-09-28 bathroom2We used to have a wider cabinet in this area of the bathroom but because we chose a longer and wider tub we ended up with this narrower cabinet. We are happy for the choice we made to go with the wider tub and to move the door into the bathroom over four inches.

bathroom 005We switched to a center sink which gives a good amount of space on either side of the sink. The counter top is a quartz composite with the under mount sink. All the fixtures are brushed nickel.

2014-09-28 bathroom6We like our flooring choice and our pulls and deep tub. I still haven’t had a chance to have a bubble bath in the tub yet but hopefully I’ll get around to that soon. The floor is not tile but a composite material that is warmer to bare feet.

bathroom 017We are very happy with the choices we made on the materials for our new bathroom. Now I need to find someone who might need all my old towels that are not the right colors for the new bathroom. I suppose I could cut them up and use them for cleaning rags.

I bought the mirror, the brushed nickel trash can, and the waffled shower curtain at HomeGoods. The sconces are from Lowe’s, the brushed nickel soap dispenser is from Target. The wire bird art is from Hobby Lobby and the Bird print is from Fred Meyer. The towels are from Costco.

The job began the Monday after we returned from England, July 21st and we just signed off with the company on September 24th. It was suppose to take 12 days. We did get them to reduce the final payment.

Now we are moving forward and enjoying the finished product that Dear has fixed up to our satisfaction. We’ve had busy days here at this old house and we are thankful for each new day afforded us. We are looking forward to more finished projects. Dear and I worked hard in our yard today mowing and weed-wacking and getting rid of the first round of fallen leaves. We look up at the huge maple tree in our neighbors yard still full of leaves and know our leaf raking days aren’t over in a long shot. What’s up in your corner of the world?


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “Finally the Bathroom Revealed!

  1. How wonderful. Our home is filled with that brushed nickel….still love it 13 years later. You will LOVE having those grab bars. We installed one in the master bath when we built by our toilet….so thankful as we have both had weird health things pop up that made us glad to have help. I pray getting out of our giant jacuzzi tub…no way to put handles anywhere…increases faith. lol. We have tile and it is cold. I need to check into your option when we next need new flooring. Overall beautiful look. We have so many ways to leave reviews online for business’s, not sure what you have up there. But I love to spread the good word when deserved but to also be able to give a heads up so others don’t suffer from lack of knowledge. I’m glad this is finally over for you. Simply lovely and a soak in a warm bath is so calming to the spirit and the body. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Your renovated bathroom looks besutiful, Ellen! I love all your choices. Now that the aggravation of all the construction delays l are over, you can reallyvl enjoy it! The Windsor Castle towel is a wonder touch and I love the 3 wall sculpture.
    I am curious about the ceiling heater your husband installed. Is it a heat bulb or a heat blowing unit? My master bath is over our garage and gets quite chilly on a cold winter day. I use a plug in heater on days like that but would like something installed.

    • Pat, Our heater/fan unit is a Panasonic. It does have a fan, a very quiet fan compared to our last ceiling fixture. It is connected to a wall switch and we can switch it on when we need the heat or just need the fan to take care of the moisture….
      It’s a great unit. We also have the heater on a timer.

  3. Ellen, I was so happy for this magazine over view of your new reno. That was a long 12 days:) Good thing your man is capable and things sure do look nice. I like your choices of the brushed nickel and the sink and counter are really nice. The window really makes it look like a new room, not a reno. A big window is always nice for a bathroom. I like your towel from England…and you may need to remind your king…that one is for the queen. You were smart to make that closet smaller, and the tub bigger. Now it’s time to draw yourself a bubble bath and have a spa like soak.

  4. Enjoy your first bubble bath ( and all subsequent ones) in your deeper, wider, longer tub. Sounds lovely. I like the finishings you chose and also the paint color. It all looks great.

  5. You have not had a bubble bath yet? I would have been waiting by the door as the last towel was hung! You really have put a lot of thought into this bathroom reno and I am so happy for you to have the work behind you. =)
    I love that new deep and long tub and the counter with the under mount sink is so great. The new window will be so wonderful for you. We have a composite tile floor too which we are so happy over our previous tile floor.

  6. The renovations look wonderful. Wise choices you made all the way around. I am sorry that it was such frustration, but then most projects are. (At least, all of mine have been.) Hope that you get to test out the bubblebath very soon!

  7. Oh Ellen – I was so excited to see your finished project! It’s beautiful! I love the colours, the finishes, the tile work around your gorgeous tub, your cabinetry and your brushed nickel accessories. You did a great job on this in spite of all the frustration. The Windsor Castle towel is the finishing touch – what a fabulous souvenir. Suddenly I feel like drawing a bath – Lavender Bath Oil would be my choice of luxury … Enjoy!!!

  8. It looks beautiful. I’m sorry that it took nearly twelve weeks, instead of the twelve DAYS as promised, but the result is lovely. Enjoy your new room. It’s always such a nice feeling to have the room all new and clean, isn’t it? xoxox

  9. I hope you will have nothing but pleasure from your new bathroom after all the trouble you had. Isn’t it nice to have a handyman husband who can fix all the mistakes. I must admit after looking at the list of all the work Greg did, I have to wonder what the reno company actually did!

  10. What an incredible transformation! I am really impressed! I love the warm color of the cabinetry. Very nice. I’m also intrigued by that composite material used for the flooring. I’m all for keeping my tootsies warm on those cold winter morning! (Although the cold tile is great to lay down on when you’re having a hot flash! 🙂 )

    I love the new hand towel! Enjoy it, Queen Ellen!

  11. Wow, like a bathroom in a showhome! I’m sorry you had trouble with the company, that is very stressful when having to live through a major renovation. But it looks wonderful! Now get in that tub and have good long soak!

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