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Do you need a fresh new sandwich idea? Click over to the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog for this sandwich combination.

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P1050567I still can’t show you our finished bathroom…because it’s not finished. OYE! In fact after they wrap up today and clean everything up they will still need to come back in a couple weeks to finish up because of some boo boos. Part of the flooring needs to be redone and of course it’s on back-order and 2 cabinet fronts need to be replaced. We have come to the conclusion that we are not good candidates for hiring out work. In the meantime, I have found some nice accessories to go in the updated bathroom like that brushed nickel soap dispenser above.

P1050573Other news from this old house…apples are falling off the tree.

AugustAnd these beauties are brightening up the yard and deck.

What’s new at your place?

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14 thoughts on “Fresh News

  1. I think you will have to host a ‘bathroom christening’ event once all is said and done! Who knew it would take that long? On the other hand…we had the exterior of house painted this week. They started Tuesday and finished yesterday. I was expecting a long drawn out ordeal! And they did a good job.

    What kind of wood is your sandwich plate sitting on? It looks like our antique fir flooring.

  2. I can identify with long renos. A few years back we had a water damage insurance reno that took over 3 months. Every day when I came home from work I would hope they would be finished but no it dragged on. Have so enjoyed your England pics. Felt like I’ve been on the trip with you and your hubby. Hope your bathroom turns out great!

  3. Apples falling off the trees! Hooray for you!!! You’ll be canning and cooking in no time! There’s nothing in this world like fruit straight off the tree.

    I hate to admit it, but sometimes it’s just better to do things ourselves. I like to call “the guy” so that things can get done without our having to put any real effort into it, but as you and I both recently discovered, “the guy” doesn’t always do right! Ramon found just last night that “the guy” had installed outlets outside that are not (and it is clearly stated right there on the dang thing!) intended for use outdoors in a place where they can get wet!!!!!! We could have had a fire!!! Or we could have been shocked/electrocuted when plugging something in there. We got REALLY blessed all these years (the outlets were installed about 6 years ago!) to have not been killed!!!!!!! So now instead of calling “the guy” to change out a light fixture in the kitchen, I’m just going to have to nag Ramon until it gets done…the right way!!!

    Your flowers are looking wonderful! Ours have already begun to fade. We’ve had an intermittently hot summer, and the flowers are on their way out. It will be time to plant mums and other fall flowers soon.

    I hope the backordered stuff arrives sooner than later and that you’re able to get that bathroom finished up. I know you’re itchin’ to get your pretty new accessories into place!

  4. Hi Ellen, I’m trying not to be envious of your pretty hydrangeas, but it’s not easy. 🙂 I just LOVE Hydrangeas!! We’re planning to plant one or two in our yard next spring. Great that you have apples; I’d also love to have an apple tree in our yard. We had one when we moved in here 18 years ago, but a bad storm took it out not long after we moved in.

    I hope your bathroom will be finished soon. I know it’s hard to have patience with a long renovation. Have a wonderful weekend!



  5. Ooooo – I am in love with your bathroom accessories! And I love your garden pictures too. What is new in my house? Well, this quilter in the area happens to be a dishaholic – she GAVE me an entire set of English transferware dishes, that include four coffeepots – yes, FOUR! Oh, I am going to have so much fun!!!

  6. I have always bemoaned the fact that remodeling takes forever if you’re doing it yourself…always waiting on time and money or both. Your bathroom project shows the flip side, I suppose. Maybe “fast” and “remodeling” are just not congruous terms?

  7. Bathrooms are always a time consuming project – you will need to have a huge celebration once it’s all said and done! It’s going to be beautiful – love your soap dispenser. Your garden is so lovely and oh the apple tree. We have a very old orchard on our farm and the apples are hanging low and turning colour – not too many falling yet. Nothing much new around here except that the sun is shining and the days are warm instead of rainy and cool! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  8. So you asked ‘Whats new?’ But first that sandwich looked so yummy. I got the fixin’ just now at the store for Chicken Salad for lunch next week! I loved your garden pics. I always love visiting. Would you believe I came back today from you 2008 Christmas post! I was looking for great Christmas posts. I would love if you would link any or all! At my Count Down To Christmas linky. It’s up every Tuesday and runs all week. Come by and link up!

  9. Apples are falling here too. Being fairly new to apple production I am always concerned: shouldn’t apples hang firmly to their tree until they are picked sometime in autumn???

    (Don’t remind me about never ending contractor/construction stories. What ever was the agreed upon/tentative finish date was I believe gets entered on the contractor’s calendar with a notation saying:

    “project MUST NOT be completed by this date. See two months forward for possible completion date.”

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