A Taste of Ste Michelle

P1050359Moving along with my tour guide hat on Monday June 17th we visited Ste Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Wa. This is on the quiet side of Lake Washington about 17 miles from Seattle.

P1050342The winery is open for tours every day and during the week you can see the bottling operation in progress. They do not bottle on the weekends.


P1050348After the short informative tour filled with the history of this land and winery we were guided into the tasting room.

P1050350P1050349We were told to hold up our glasses and look at the color of the wine. I’m so obedient…sometimes.



P1050356After the tastings my niece and her hubby got a lot more animated.


P1050358Is that the wine talking?

From Ste Michelle we went up the road a bit to the Redhook Brewery. The next available tour there was at 2:00 so we had lunch at the Forecaster’s Pub attached to the brewery and then I left Debbee and Lenny with my Brother-in-law for the tour and I headed home to get ready for the U.S.A. vs. Ghana World Cup Game. Thanks for coming to the rescue Steve because I didn’t want them to miss the tour but I was not willing to miss a second of the once in a lifetime game. Josh and Laura arrived before the game started and the rest of the crew arrived in enough time for the 2nd half and the win by the U.S.A. We all had dinner together and a few rounds of Mexican Train. Soon I’ll show our tour of Whidbey Island and the grand finale of Debbee and Lenny’s trip to Western Washington.

It’s Friday today and soon we’ll be in full swing with our Weekend Warrior hats on. While Dear works on ceiling lights, ceiling fan and ceiling drywall I will be available to offer a hand here and there and feed my warrior. What does your weekend look like?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

5 thoughts on “A Taste of Ste Michelle

  1. You need to get one of those colourful umbrellas to hold high as you guide your visitors through the city!! You’re awesome Ellen. I love how passionate you are about soccer – it’s been fun watching some of the highlights here too.
    There is so much going on here this weekend, I don’t know how to eliminate some of the events – Wellesley Art Show, Monkton Rhubarb Festival, K-W Multi-Cultural Festival, Church family picnic, Conrad Grebel University College (where I work) Open House of the new addition, Milverton Rodeo – it MUST be summer – whew!!! Maybe I’ll have something to blog about after this crazy weekend if I remember to take my camera!?

  2. Ecuador plays Honduras today and I’ll be rooting for the country of my children’s birth. Winery tours are always interesting, and the tastings can liven things up a little! Enjoy working at home with your hubby. Keeping him well-fed will make the work go faster, I’d think. We’re hoping to get out on the boat on Saturday.

  3. Oh Ellen, I love winery tours! We have about 100 wineries of various sizes here in N.C., and hubby and I enjoy visiting them (though we haven’t had time lately). St. Michelle looks like quite a nice setup. 🙂

    We don’t really follow the World Cup, but I know things have really been exciting for the U.S. this year. Enjoy your weekend, Ellen, and don’t work too hard!



  4. I could just go for a deep-end swim in one of those big barrels!!! 🙂 You were very good to not just tear into the glass of wine but to rather inspect it for color, etc. first. That’ can be tough to do! 🙂

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