Laughing at Myself…

2014-05-023…and this random post.

I have this sweet little hanging sentiment in my powder room master bathroom that is the size of a powder room. I am all for laughing and laughing often. We are busy campers at this old house these days. Today I mowed the lawn and did some weed wacking and some weed pulling. I love the way the yard looks after it gets it’s weekly cut. So neat when the weeds are mowed down. I especially enjoyed all the rich greenery around the yard at this time of year. My lavender is blooming already and I’ll have to take a photo soon.

On Thursday we have our end of small group barbecue. Of course we are suppose to get some good rain on Thursday. The first real rain in many days. We’ll be eating inside instead of on the deck. After that event the rest of our main floor bathroom will be torn out. The tub and shower surround are gone already. I’ll post some updates soon…maybe.

On Thursday World Cup begins. I’ll be watching a lot of soccer. Since the opening game Brazil v. Croatia is on at 1:00 Pacific Time I’ll be able to watch and still get organized for our barbecue. On Saturday my niece and her new hubby arrive for 4 days and good thing my sister isn’t doing a bathroom renovation and has a room and bathroom all ready for them. My sister lives across the big road from us. Very close as the crow flies a little farther if you are walking the meandering roads. We’ll be busy showing my new nephew by marriage Seattle since he’s never visited here before. I could go on and on but I’m probably boring you already so I’ll just stop.

Do any of you use Cloud Feedly to organize your blog visits? I haven’t been able to log in to my feedly to see if anyone has posted something new. I checked on the internet and they have been attacked overnight. I hope they are back on line soon!

Here’s what I read online: Not only has Evernote been struck by a DoS attack overnight, but now RSS news aggregator Feedly reports that its cloud-based service is suffering from a distributed denial-of-service attack that could impact users’ ability to catch up with the latest updates from their favourite websites.

Very inconvenient when I’m in the midst of busyness already, Oye! If I haven’t visited you in the last few days blame this feedly attack!!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Laughing at Myself…

  1. No worries, Ellen! Enjoy your barbecue and your family visit! (I would say “enjoy your bathroom demolition,” but that doesn’t seem right. You’ll enjoy the remodel though!)

  2. Keep laughing and smiling dear Ellen!!! This too shall pass …. Enjoy touring your new family member around your amazing city! Hope all your cloud issues get corrected really soon.

  3. I’m so glad that you mow the weeds, too. Without weeds, I’d have no real lawn. You sound as if you’re in a whirlwind again. Oh my. Enjoy the soccer. That should be restful and relaxing. ☺ I have been singing ♪Where Have All the Bloggers Gone, Long Time Passing…♪ so thanks for that bit of news! My blogroll did not update today on any blog for over three hours so something strange is going on.

  4. Hi Ellen, feedly is my provider and as of this a.m. it’s back in working order here in Munich. As you can imagine, World Cup fever is high! I hope the rain holds off for just a bit 🙂 enjoy!

  5. Oh dear – I was following along just fine with this post until you started to write in Techno-ese. I can’t speak or read that particular foreign language! Good luck with the cloud thingy!

  6. A good laugh feels so good. And I love random posts. Sorry your feedly hasn’t been working. I have been using miniflux, but not being online to read means there were THOUSANDS of updates to clear.

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