Looking Back at Bozeman

P1050194I’m starting a series of posts called looking back so I can share some things from our road trip that I haven’t had time to share until now.

Look what we found on Main Street in Bozeman, Montana. As we looked for Copper Whiskey Bar and Grill Katie spotted this theater.

Bozeman 011

Bozeman 012

Bozeman 009

Bozeman 007

It was fun to see my name in lights!

Katie and I are so relieved and happy that we found an apartment today for Katie and Andrew and we even got the keys today. We have mattresses scheduled to arrive on Wednesday morning. We will now be able to check out of our hotel on Wednesday!

It’s Cinco de Mayo but we are sticking to our tradition of having our Mexican meal on Tuesday. Tonight we are making our own meal at the hotel. Do you go out for Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Looking Back at Bozeman

  1. Thought about it but not into a CRAZY crowd kind of night. I will have my margarita at home. But everyone’s posts and pictures about Mexican food is making my mouth water BADLY! So happy she found a new home so quickly. God knew it was there all along.

  2. Love Mexican food, but we don’t celebrate this one. Here I was reading the times, the movie, and totally missing your name in lights! Wow. You gals work fast…an apartment today. Wonderful!

  3. That’s so great that you found an apartment already and that you even have possession already! Good for you!
    We don’t go out on Cinco de Mayo but I made chicken fajita’s for supper :).
    Love your rear view mirror “looking back” pics.

  4. How exciting…an apartment found already! (Well, I’m sure it was also exciting to see your name up in lights, but you know…) 🙂

    As we’ve been painting today, I planned a crock pot meal…the Mexican Chicken recipe that I found on the MGCC blog. While I was preparing the food for the slow cooker, Kati reminded me that it was Cinco de Mayo…I had no idea.

  5. How fun…to see your name in lights! Rejoicing with you…about the apartment. Maybe we’ll have Mexican Tuesday this week as well, since I totally forgot about it tonight.

  6. Well, here I am reading your post on May 6th but I think having Mexican is an excellent idea! Shall I make chicken enchiladas or shall we go out? Since I am babysitting sitting I think going out is a good idea. (How did I ever make dinners at home with 4 little kids? I don’t know how, but I did.)
    I love road tripping and I know you are having a blast with your daughter. I am glad you saw your name in lights =) and that your mission was accomplished. At least their home isn’t too far from WA…driveable, anyway.

  7. Ha Ha! Took me a few! First I thought it was the move listing, then the old building… then .. third photo . . . I saw your name! You’ve not told us everything about you yet, have you?

  8. Name in lights:) Fun find. So glad that a nice home has been found. We just learned that it was Cinco De Mayo…..so we did not eat Mexican that night…but we never get enough. Every week we eat something Mexican around here.

  9. How wonderful to see your name up in lights, Ellen. This is so cool! So glad your daughter found an apartment, now the fun begins of decorating! We enjoy mexican food too! Thanks for sharing.

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