Roozengaarde Display Garden

Besides the great experience of strolling through the tulip fields during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival there are garden options for touring, also. These are some shots from the Roozengarde Display Garden.

Tulips 050

2014-04-07 Tulips2

2014-04-07 Tulips3

2014-04-07 Tulips4

2014-04-07 Tulips5

2014-04-07 Tulips6

2014-04-07 Tulips7

2014-04-07 Tulips8

2014-04-07 Tulips9

2014-04-07 Tulips10

2014-04-07 Tulips11

2014-04-07 Tulips12

2014-04-07 Tulips13

2014-04-07 Tulips14After we were done at the tulip fields and gardens we drove a short distance to the picturesque town of LaConner for lunch at Seeds Restaurant. We also did a little shopping at Re- Feather Your Nest right next store to Seeds. That’s where I bought this little sign…


This is my last post from our tulip excursion this year. It really is something that I enjoy taking the time to see every year. As I said before, if you are ever in the Seattle area in April this would be a worthwhile side trip.

Meanwhile back at the ranch this old house…

Suitcases line the entryway. Piles of clothes neatly folded to go into said suitcases are on our bedroom floors. Emails are exchanged back and forth about possible meet ups with blogger friends along the highways and byways. Tears pool up from the stress of planning so much for the 25 days I’ll be gone from this old house. I don’t mistake those tears for anything but what they are…my body and mind are on overload. My heart is content. I’m looking forward to the unexpected traveling mercies from my loving God along the way and the joy of new sights and sounds. I do wish I had a medium sized suitcase instead of just small and large.

What’s on your mind?


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Roozengaarde Display Garden

  1. Such glorious flowers! Aren’t you glad Our Father didn’t create only one kind of flower or only one color but gave us so much variety to enjoy!

    Yes, stress does cause tears. They are a good release sometimes! I know He will be with you every step of the way. Happy traveling!

  2. Such beautiful photography! The fence with mountains beyond is my favorite. Praying that the preps go well. The journey will be another wonderful adventure. Your daughter is blessed to have a willing traveling companion. =D

  3. The flowers are beautiful, as are your photos of them.
    You will have a wonderful time for those 25 days . . . and I’m a little bit jealous!
    Blessings to you and yours, Ellen.

  4. Makes me feel better to now I’m not the only one with tears pooling up amidst the stress.
    I’m also looking in faith at unexpected joys ahead. Like you say, there is contentment that comes with that.

  5. Wonderful that you and Katie have such a good time together. I know you will cherish these memories when she is far away in NC! I know there will be many praying for you as you travel…and you are going to have an amazing trip!

  6. Oh Ellen – I’m whispering a prayer for you right now – it’s always stressful and slightly traumatic planning for a long trip such as this. You are so very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with a precious daughter and I will be thinking of you both as you travel.
    Those pictures you posted today take my breath away! Absolutely glorious!!
    Take care – once you’re on the road you’ll be O.K. – enjoy the trip.

  7. I will be praying for you as you come to mind during these next 25 days! What an exciting time you will have, you adventurous soul! Safe and happy travels!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Ellen – they remind me of the beauty of Kuekenhof Gardens in Holland a number of years ago.
    Hang in there with your packing and journey prep – we’ll all be praying you across the country.

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