14 thoughts on “Dopey and Sleepy…

  1. Laughing at your post title. Glad you made it to the class….just feels right having you there:) So nice having a photographer too. Judy did a good job of overseeing the class….and it seemed to all fall into place as planned.

  2. It’ll be fun to read about your trip! (Maybe I don’t like to take trips, but I love hearing about the trips other people take!) 🙂

    Pretty pansies!!

  3. Oh Ellen – I can identify with how you feel today! Funny how pretty pansies can be a pick me up! Looking forward to hearing all about the cooking class and getting inspired to make some Paska!

  4. You ladies will NOT quit until the whole of Canada is dishing up Paska each spring!
    (And also providing charitable $$ in the process…kudos!)

  5. I can’t wait to see pansies in my yard or any type of flower right now … LOL. The snow is slowly melting. Things look pretty serious – are those sweets I see? Yummy!

  6. I’m just smiling at Jill’s comment. Maybe I am on a Serve up Paska mission… who knows? I do know that I loved seeing you again!
    OH.. and that spread of yours? I was eating it by the spoonful and didn’t even bother putting it on the Paska.

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