She’s Trimmed Up…

Twinkle 019Fewer than usual ornaments were unwrapped to put on her. The crocheted angel still has it’s place on top.

Twinkle 006

Xmas close up 013

Speaking of angels I have been on a quest to find angels that are not the sweet faced variety. I found this next angel at clearance last year and I appreciate the fact that the face is blank. I wanted to find angels that would have to say “fear not” when you looked at them. I suppose the sudden appearance of angels could also warrant the need to say “fear not”.

Xmas close up 019Our one big event during this Christmas season was last Thursday and from here on out we’ll be enjoying the quiet, cozy, twinkling of the season.

Twinkle 011We had all the leaves in the table for our dinner event last Thursday. I bought this Lenox Laurel red tablecloth at Goodwill this year. It was long enough for our table with all the leaves in. There were 12 around the table and I had enough Santa Hat chair covers for 12. Those I bought at Target Clearance a few years back now.

Our table is back down to just 2 extra leaves now and that will be big enough for our Christmas festivities from here on out. There will be six around the Christmas breakfast table and six at our Christmas dinner table. This week is a quiet week at home for us but a very busy week at work for Dear. Do you have lots of gatherings this year or are you enjoying a quiet cozy time?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “She’s Trimmed Up…

  1. I too had that angel gifted to me! 🙂 Fewer than usual decorations for us, but it is not all about that, right? I don’t think Jesus wanted every one to get stressed out, but rather to celebrate His love!

  2. The tree is very pretty. It reminds me of the trees we had when I was growing up. They were always bushy and took up the width of the living room window. So pretty with your lights and decorations.
    The tablescape was so great. I love how you find just those perfect details on sale and then find the opportunity to use them.
    All the best to your Dear this week.

  3. Everything is looking merry and bright. Love the reasoning behind the angel faces. That sure was a memorable birth announcement!

    Said a little prayer for your hubby’s week to go smoothly…better than he might have imagined.

    Not many gatherings…three and one of those is after Christmas.

  4. It all looks wonderful and festive Ellen! I too have scaled back the tree ornaments this year and quite like it! A busy few days right around Christmas Day this year, including a friend’s Friday evening wedding! We are very blessed!

  5. Very pretty, Ellen!!!! I am a bit envious of the white lights you get to put on your tree. 🙂 Miss Baby insisted on colored lights last year. So, I think we will be stuck with colored lights for quite sometime… 🙂

  6. You and I are on the same page when it comes to those angels. I’ve been on the hunt for some that are more austere than what we normally see out there, especially this time of year. Not much luck…yet. I love the one with the crown! That’s exactly what I had in mind! Now that I know something like that actually exists, I have renewed hope!

    Enjoy your week with friends and family!!

  7. Pretty! I like your newest angel too – definitely says ‘Fear Not’!
    Up here we will have a quiet Christmas and a raucous New Year, as The Little Family That Grew (all six of them!) will be here from the 27th to Jan 4th. I am ready!

  8. I’m sense the nice feeling of calm. Pretty tree and angel in place. I like your new table cloth. I thought of you when we passed by many Goodwill stores on our trip……I even browsed a few….bought nothing. Enjoy the week.

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